5 pieces of advice for dealing with mental health.

Life ain't easy, but these five tips might help make you feel better about your mental health


#5 Always be willing.

One of the biggest mistakes I made in my life was letting my fear decide if I would do something or not. It was the reason I dropped out of video production, the reason I stopped doing weekly podcasts, and the reason I am still in the situation I’m here. Now, that does not mean I’m not trying to fight my way out of it, but you’re bound to get knocked on your butt a few times before you succeed.

A big part of succeeding in anything is to always be willing. Not just willing to learn, but willing to commit extra time to do something. This will result in a more thorough understanding of the topic you are tackling, it is also showing everyone that you are willing to put in that extra effort. Those are the kinds of people that are going to get noticed.

Whether it’s volunteering to take any shift on a job application (within reason of course), getting better at a task, or even learning something new, always be willing. Never sit there and stop learning. We honestly seem to have this misbelief that we are allowed to stop learning at a certain point in our life, which is only hurting us.

#4 Always try to be kind.

Notice how I said,” try” at the top. While it is a good rule of life to treat others the way that you want to be treated, it gets difficult after the rigors of everyday life. Look. I get it. An eight-hour workday, a painfully long wait in traffic and still trying to have time for a social life, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop being kind to the people around us.

Give someone an open seat on the bus, compliment someone on something you really like about them, donate some money somewhere to a cause you find worthy. You would be so surprised how good it feels to just be kind and give a part of yourself. Not only is it a good feeling, but it also brings together a sort of oneness with the people around us. Like we’re all in this together.

#3 Always make time for self-care.

As weird as this might sound, I learned about self-care in a very inappropriate way. I was perusing the fiction section at my college. Cuz I got high was playing on the school's radio, which everyone was secretly dancing around to and singing in their head. While laughing at the absurdity of it all, I happened upon a self-help book that told me to go F*ck myself.

No, seriously, that’s what it told me. It told me that releasing my urges was a normal thing and important to my self-care. It woke me up to other ways that I could just do something kind for myself. Whether it was a much-needed video game marathon, or hours spent on YouTube watching whatever, I learned that it is very important to make time for the things you enjoy in life.

You only get one life. You only get one go at this. Sure, you have responsibilities, maybe even a kid, but if you’re not at your best, how can you do anything for them? How can you keep functioning? The answer to that question is taking the time to hit that recharge button and tune the rest of the world out for away.  You will feel so much better afterward.

#2 Don’t let people walk all over you.

Getting walked all over is something we all allow to help ourselves at one point in our life. Maybe you just think you deserve it or don’t even notice you’re letting it happen, but it takes an indelible toll on your mental health either way. That’s why the more cognizant you are that this is happening, the more you can do to cut down on allowing it. The best advice I can give her is to know your boundaries and stick by them. Don’t let anyone force you into something you don’t want to do or just plain don’t feel comfortable with.

Another thing you need to watch out for is toxic people that just spew negativity all the time. This is another form of being walked on in a sense and is something you should try to avoid when you can. Not only will doing this cut down on your own negative thoughts, but it will also put you in a much better mood when you surround yourself with positive nurturing people.

#1 Never stop fighting.

Let’s be honest here. There will always be reasons to give up on something you enjoy or even life itself. . Whether it’s family issues, problems at work, or just an overall dissatisfaction with your life, you are bound to feel like giving up every once in a while. This is normal but should be taken as seriously as possible depending on the symptoms you are feeling.

Go to a therapist and talk about your feelings, talk to a loved one or someone you trust. The point is to get you back to a place where you can function again. It could be a self-help day where you sit there and pamper yourself. Or even just a walk in the park. It’s just a matter of doing what will make you feel whole again.

In the end, taking time for yourself is something that everyone needs to be doing in their life. The last year and so months have been very difficult and have created a situation where people have ignored or suppressed their mental health. This isn’t healthy at all and the sooner you talk about it or take steps to change it, the happier you will be over the long run.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, please call 1800-273-8255. Life is a beautiful thing. Never give up on it. Where you are today is not where you will be tomorrow, and this difficult time too shall pass. Just take it one day at a time and consider reaching out to friends and family if you are struggling.