About UserInterface
UserInterface is a social site for sharing, networking and brand building. Meeting people and making friends can be fun again.

UserInterface is a platform that provides tools and resources that help entrepreneurs and small businesses network and grow their brands. It's a better way to connect and market to clients.

The way people interact with the internet has changed. A static website is no longer enough to capture the attention of customers. Your website cannot just sit there like a menu on the wall, it has to be interactive. This is why so many business owners communicate with their customers on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People want a conversation. The problem with these platforms is that they needlessly censor posts, impose their political agenda and sell your personal information. UserInterface aims to give the best of what social media has to offer and allow you to interact in ways that are free, organic, and secure.


  • Informative Profile
  • Home page with a news feed
  • Upload audio, video and photos
  • Livestream video
  • Instant messenger with live audio and video calls
  • Notifications including who viewed my page
  • Business Pages
  • Public and Private Group Pages
  • Create Articles to reach your customer base
  • Native Advertising platform for easy promotional campaigns
  • Developer API for website integration
  • Jobs Board for hiring staff

Use Cases

  • Communicate directly with your prospects.
  • Keep your clients and potential clients up to date with relevant events. (closing early, product delays, sales, events)
  • It's easier than updating your website.
  • Visually solve customer problems without having to use Skype or Zoom. 
  • Easily keep all your customer communications in one place.
  • Take Polls to gain insight about your customer service, new product releases or locations.
  • Link from your website to add personalized features to your website without being associated with the other platforms.
  • Host Livestream events for product launches or team meetings.

Better communication and better networking create an environment for a bigger and better business.