Affiliate Program

Earn $1 per Sign-Up and a 6% Referral Fee on Every Pro Package!

Earn 6% from every affiliate sale. Our program pays $1 per sign-up and a 6% referral fee on every new sign-up that purchases an advertising package.

It's really simple, our ads basically sell themselves to businesses that are looking to reach more potential customers. Our main selling point to advertisers is that our timeline posts actually get listed on Google. Instagram and Facebook posts do not get listed on the search engines.

  • We have a built-in easy to use advertising platform, that markets to our users.

  • Our ad team will also place advertisements on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.

  • We have a flat monthly subscription fee.

  • It automatically cancels at the end of their term so there is no need to cancel.

  • Affiliates get paid every time the customer orders an advertising package so you get recurring income.

  • You can withdraw your pay at any point after you reach $50.

  • We have a simple referral link that you can easily find in your dashboard.

  • Start your own ad agency with zero start-up costs.

To see the packages for sale click the button below or just select Upgrade To Pro from the profile menu.

It's free to join! Just register for an account and start using your affiliate link.

Pro Packages