Urban Wastewater Piloting

One of the most important Water Technology Centers in Spain, requests J. HUESA advice for the design, construction, installation and commissioning of a containerized pilot plant that aims to improve the quality of the effluent from the secondary decanter of a treatment plant urban wastewat


The Pilot Plant is divided into two parts:

MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor)

The MBR-PAC- pilot plant consists of a wastewater treatment and regeneration system and is divided into two parts:

An MBR plant: with two ultrafiltration modules. A module of hollow fiber membranes in H-PVDF and another module of ceramic membranes. And a nanofiltration module (NF). It also includes a filtration unit with granular activated carbon.

A PAC-NF plant: with two nanofiltration modules and a dosing and recovery system for powdered activated carbon. reverse osmosis water purifier in bd


The objective of this pilot is to be able to study the working conditions of a water network with sections of pipe made of different materials (Polyethylene, oriented PVC, ductile iron, etc.)

The pilot allows to analyze:

  1. The evolution of water quality and the effect on it of the biofilm in the pipes of the supply networks.
  2. The conditions for creating the biofilm.
  3. The behavior of materials.

With this project, J.HUESA continues its work and positions itself as a company committed to Water R + D + i, with a view to expanding and improving the study of technologies to be applied to solve different water problems.