Making money during the Covid-19 pandemic

Money is becoming a bigger and bigger issue during the Covid-19 pandemic, but here are some tips on how to stay afloat. You might even end up finding your dream job!


While some people seem content to venture out into the brave new world of the covid-19 era, others are still iffy on whether they want to take the risk or not. This has resulted in millions of people staying home and with virtually nothing to do. Of course, some are probably just working remotely, but what about those that are still struggling to make ends meet.

It's no secret that there are varying restrictions around the world due to the covid-19 pandemic, which is why some might not have a job to go to at the moment. In fact, some workers are probably sitting at home right now waiting for word that their respective businesses have opened back up, leaving them without a living income in the meantime.

This means that bills are going unpaid, debt is piling up like a mountain and even putting food on the table becomes more difficult. It’s the situation that literally no one wants to be in, but a large chunk of people found themselves in thanks to this virus. Keep in mind that before this virus, most families were on the verge of losing their house anyway, creating a very volatile situation in those first few months.

What are some things that these people can do though to help make ends meet? Is there a way to combat these economic hardships? The answer to that question really all comes down to what you are willing to put up with today.  One of my favorite Youtubers, Egorapter, shouted that phrase during an infamous let’s play of Sonic 06 and while it sounded like innate rambling, he had a point.

He asked a question that deserved an answer. What are we willing to put up with today? For example, let us start with the wonderful world of Craigslist. Believe it or not, there are thousands of postings every day about things they need done or need help with. Everything from yard work, computer work or even writing jobs are available on the platform.

It just comes down to what you are willing to do. Going back to the example, what would you do if someone needed a hand digging for a few days? Maybe 12 dollars/hour. Sure, it’s not the greatest of work and will require some grit to get through the manual labor. The point however is that it is all just a matter of what you are willing to put up with today?

If you’re up for some good hard labor around town, respond to ads about yard work in your area. Please remember to stay socially distanced, wear masks, and sanitize, but the work can still be done. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean your problems are instantly solved, it is just some extra income to help get you through the hard times.

When looking on craigslist, make sure to search under jobs in your area for anything physical. You can also do remote work by looking at what is available in the major cities located at the bottom of the page, which could also result in extra income. Either way there are a plethora of opportunities available, and it will ultimately depend on your mindset. You can even look under the gigs for even more work or side projects.

And for those that enjoy, writing, video editing, podcasting, or live streaming, there are tons of jobs for you under the gig section. Seriously though, if you have a knack for any of the topics, give Craigslist a quick scroll, you will not regret it. All you must do is check the major cities list, click on all gigs near the bottom of the page, and you will be directed to people that might need your help, it’s pretty hit or miss with getting work sometimes though, meaning persistence will be key.

That’s probably not what you want to hear, especially with boredom and debt slowly creeping up on many families, but you are going to need to work through rejection just like in the regular jobscape. The good news though is that sometimes you won’t even be asked for an interview, and simply handed an assignment. These can be great for passive income and will allow you to have something to do each day.

These aren’t the only opportunities though, as Craigslist is also home to thousands of postings from a larger business that is hiring for a full-time job. You are probably going to need a good-looking background and secondary education to nab one of these unicorn jobs, but they exist for the right candidate.

Since we now have our feet wet with what the worldwide web has to offer when it comes to the gig economy, let’s dig a little deeper and look at Facebook. As crazy as this might be to believe, the social networking group now has a job feature that shows you work in your area. Whether it be the labor tasks, secretary jobs, remote writing, data entry, or even something completely new, you can find it on Facebook jobs.

All you must do is log into your Facebook account and look at the upper left-hand corner of your screen. You will likely see a list of your main groups and the option to see more. From there, just scroll through the options and you will see a jobs section. Remember that if you are looking for remote work, set your range to anywhere to maximize your chances of finding something.

And trust me, dear friend, there is a lot to find! There has even been an increased number of people looking for tutors during the pandemic to help children in a variety of topics. As hard as this might be to believe, some companies are even looking for people to act as a sort of day camp for teens or adults and teach them a skill. There are some limitations, but you can basically teach whatever you want within reason.

Finally, let’s look at a few websites that can really help you bring in that extra income and maybe stay above water in these tough times. The first one is a fiver, which allows users to services starting at five dollars. You can up your rate if you want, but it’s a very competitive field. Whether you feel you are worth a certain amount or not is up to you, just don’t expect everyone to abide by it.

For example, say you're starting as a voice recorder on Fiver, don’t just up your rates the second you log on. Wait a while and build up repour of good work to show others. You will also gain stars and reviews, which will help you back up your higher price tag in the future. It’s a long process, but if you see it through, you could make money doing simple tasks you love.

Keep in mind that Fiver is one of those ever-evolving sites that offer brand new services every few months. These include esports coaches, interior designers, and even setting updating profiles. A lot of life coaches advertise their services on Fiver as well, but those kinds of jobs obviously come with a level of risk. Just make sure to look up your local laws, remain ethical, and put a disclaimer during your ads. Maybe google therapy laws in your state to make sure you are following all the rules.

Speaking of the good old Google search engine, it can also be a great place to find some extra work. Of course, this will mainly apply to those in the fields of writing, editing podcasting, video production, or something else along those lines, but feel free to google jobs or gigs in your area.

See, the thing about Google is that it is designed to give you the most relevant search based on your results. So, if you type in something along the lines of, writing jobs in Phoenix Arizona, the search engine will focus on keywords, which will result in jobs in your area. You might run into a job board or two along the way as well, allowing you to explore even more possible job openings.

You will also run into job sites like indeed, LinkedIn, glass door, or zip recruiter on google, meaning you will have even more resources for finding the work that is appropriate for you.  You might even come across even more job boards, giving you a growing list of opportunities. It’s all just a matter of the research and what you are willing to put up with today.

Now, none of this is to indicate that the job/gig search will be easy, or that money will just fall into your hand, but finding the right work can be very helpful in having some extra money each month. It might even help in finding a long-term gig that can bring in even more extra income. Maybe you even find that dream job and create a better life for yourself.

In the end, it’s not an easy thing to do. It will also take a great deal of research and time that will have you groaning in emotional pain for hours. With that being said, however, when you do eventually land on your feet, it could lead to some pretty amazing things. Things you never thought were possible before, and it all starts with the simple act of trying.