How to Build a Brand That Lasts: The Importance of Proper Design

How do you brand your company? Is it with a logo, brand colors or font? Why is this important to brand building and how can you successfully design a brand that lasts? This article will help answer these questions.


How do you brand your company? Is it with a logo, brand colors or font? Why is this important to brand building and how can you successfully design a brand that lasts? This article will help answer these questions.

- What are the steps involved in successful brand building?

- How does the way your website looks affect conversion rates for customers on your site and prospects who visit but don't convert to customers?

- What are some tips for designing a brand that lasts in an increasingly competitive marketplace when new brands pop up all over social media every day (and often fade just as quickly)?

Steps for brand building:

- Choose a name that resonates with your customers. Your brand's name is one of the most important decisions you will make. Keep in mind what it conveys to them and how they'll feel when they hear or see it, especially if this brand name becomes part of their everyday lives

- Develop brand colors and fonts that speak to customers in your target demographic

- Determine a brand personality for your company or product. In other words, what is the impression you want to give? This will guide every decision about how it looks inside and out

- Develop an overarching brand strategy that communicates why people should buy from you instead of your competitors

- Create brand visuals for your website and social media sites. This includes the brand logo, colors, fonts, tagline, icons or symbols

- In order to maximize brand power you need a unified message across all channels: TV advertising and radio commercials should work together with online ads on websites as well as print ads in magazines

Check out these tips for having a unified message with your logo, colors, fonts and tagline across all marketing channels.

- Keep brand colors the same across all channels

- Choose a brand font family and stick to it. Pick fonts that match font families and then use the same fonts across your different marketing materials. This is helpful if you plan on doing a lot of TV commercials and radio commercials as well as print, online ads, social media, etc.

- Use brand logos or symbols on products, packaging, signs - wherever you can put them! This is your brand's mark when customers see these marks they'll think of your company first. Make sure that everything from TV commercials to print ads has them in brand colors

- Use the same tagline across all channels. This will help you stay focused on one message and avoid confusion with customers or prospects who see it in more than one place

- Have brand ambassadors wear your company's logo or T-shirt often to create a sense of community around your brand

- Brand consistency is all about consistency - between brand imagery and brand voice

- Branding is not just for companies but also product names. Consider what the name of your new gadget may say about you or how it might be received by consumers when they hear this term every time someone talks about it, says a review on Amazon, etc.

- Make sure that your brand's voice or personality is represented in your brand visuals

- Your brand should be consistent across all marketing channels because it conveys the same message to customers and prospects

- Don't use a different font for headings than you do for body copy on your website. Fonts are critical design elements that can convey meaning as well as set brand personality

- Choose brand colors that are pleasing to your customers. If you're designing a website then consider which one of the following three color palettes would be best for it: cool, warm or neutral. A cool brand is typically associated with more high-tech and innovative brands like Apple while a warm brand might be considered more traditional or friendly.

- If brand design is your forte then you can contemplate creating a brand personality or brand persona to help guide the future of your company.

- Choose one font family that will be used throughout all marketing materials, including social media sites and blog posts

If you're looking to create an effective brand identity but don't have time, consider hiring a brand designer who can help you get started.

Design is so important for any brand because it helps create the impression that people have of your company and whether they will want to buy from you or not. Design influences everything about how customers interact with your brand, starting with their first impressions as soon as they see the logo.