Reliable Powder Coating NJ Services

Rusty lions new jersey Powder Coating Enhance metal surfaces with decorative and protective powder coating.


Rusty Lions provides high-quality metal finishing services at affordable prices. We're powder coating NJ professionals, and we offer powder coating services along with vinyl coating, nylon coating, architectural costing, cerakote coating, and custom coating services. Our services extend to residential and commercial projects as well.


Our shop can handle small and large-scale projects as well, and we excel in custom finishing. Our professionals understand the importance of your powder coating services, and they ensure that your project is finished as per your expectations and on time.


What can be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is a process where dry powder consisting of solvent-free resins and fillers is sprayed onto a surface of an item. The powder is electrostatically charged so that it adheres to the surface effectively. Subsequently, the item is placed in an oven and heated, causing the powder coating to melt and fuse into the item via a chemical reaction. Powder coating can be applied on any object for a smooth and durable finish and can withstand high temperatures.


  • Automotive frames, wheels, and other parts
  • Shelves, racks, and fixtures
  • Signs and lighting
  • Iron fences and gates
  • Railings and balustrades
  • Any metal that can withstand heat


No Job is too Big or Small for us.

If you're looking for the right indoor or outdoor powder coating job in New Jersey, trust Rusty Lions to deliver exceptional services. Our featured powder coatings can be customized to fulfill your project, be it residential, commercial, or industrial.


We also specialize in custom powder coating services. Our service team is professional, prompt, and knowledgeable enough to understand your project and create a roadmap to make it happen. Contact us today by calling 347-613-8103 or sending an email to us at to initiate a quote.