Everything I ever dreamed of

A lonely nerd tries something new and ends up having the prettiest girl in math class eating out of the palm of his hands. Can he control himself though?


“Anything. Just focus on anything else.” I desperately try to look at my screen and decipher the next equation. My legs are crossed as best I can for a male and my thoughts are on writing. Maybe even about pro wrestling tonight. I take a deep breath in trying to take in the information on my screen when it happens again.

I close my eyes and whimper. The classmate to my right looks at me like I'm crazy. At this point. Maybe I am, but I've never seen anything like this before. The teacher continues to drone on about nonsensical math problems that I can’t bring myself to care about. Not that I could anyway, but one person made it particularly hard to focus on anything at this point.

It was almost like she had this power over me. Maybe she didn't know she did, but those long tanned legs seem to leave me feverish for her affection. I secretly loved and hated this control at the same time. I could never have control over a woman like this, but somehow she's making me sweat it out in math class like the animal I am.

And there she sat right in front of me. 6 foot three inches of the most gorgeous woman i've ever seen in my life. Her pink hair looked like the sweetest kind of cotton candy you could get at your local carnival, but that was only the start. She had those dorky glasses on. Those disgustingly cute dorky glasses gave her an air of intelligence and innocence at the same time.

Her lips were perched similarly as innocent as she worked on the next question at her computer. She looked up and down several times. So, lost in what she was doing that she didn't know she was the center of my attention. The only thing I wanted at that moment. I watched her chest rise and fall as she took a few breaths, my own breathing quickened as I watched the goddess before me. Her frame is even more amazing, sporting a pair of 33 D breasts and the cutest Disney t-shirt that there is in existence. At least I think so, but maybe some will disagree.

The goddess before me then raises her hand rather shyly, trying to get the teacher's attention without the other students noticing. Once the teacher calls on her, she asks to go to the bathroom for a second. The teacher approves her request with a smile while I watch on in amazement what takes place before my very eyes.

First, she uncrosses her legs in a seamless motion. One just sliding off the other. What I wouldn’t have done to be between them at that point.  After that, she attempted to pull out her shorts to cover up the outrageous amount of leg she was showing but only made them more noticeable than ever. I couldn’t look away at this point as she got up from the seat and walked in what can only be described as the sexiest strut I have ever seen.

Why does she do this to me I whine to myself again? At this point, I was now on the same question for more than eight minutes and kept getting lost in the idea of taking her. I again wondered if she knew what she was doing, or if she was just oblivious to how seductive she looked in those tight little shorts.

I check my forehead for sweat at this point and of course, it’s dripping down my face like I just took a shower and was slowly drying out my hair. I quickly glance at my phone to check what time it is when a message from Instagram pops up out of nowhere. “Not now,” I think to myself as I try to make sure that the teacher isn’t watching me.

“You talk to her yet man?” was the message from my longtime friend Chris. I had accidentally told him about the girl at some point, which was probably a mistake and he droned on for hours about how to talk to her. Of course, I do want to talk to her, but I don’t think Chris’s style of courting the female sex is my best course of action.

Do what I taught you. She’ll be dripping wet” was the next message from him. I laughed at the thought for a second and then became aroused by the idea. I mean this was a girl I had watched every single day in absolute fixation for months. 

I mean, it’s not like I would kidnap her or anything if she ever said no to my advances, but I just had to know if she saw anything in me. Beyond that, I had to know what the taste of her lips and the touch of her legs felt like on my body.  I shivered just thinking about the thought as, yet another notification comes across my phone.

“You’re going to regret not taking the chance dude.” I groan knowing this is true, but my heart starts to beat faster as I start to consider talking to her. As I'm stuck on this train of thought, she reenters the classroom and shyly returns to her seat. Her awkwardness is more than I can handle now and I'm counting down the moments left in class.

She unknowingly crosses her legs seductively as I'm thinking this, and my stomach just drops. I put my head down at this point to clear my mind but am asked by the teacher to put my head back up. “Is there a problem Ryan?” the teacher asked genuinely concerned. I shook my head and muttered something along the lines of” just not enough sleep last night.,

“Well you probably need to manage your time better dear,” she says before walking away. My eyes lock on the girl again. The girl I still haven’t managed to talk to since this semester began. As if to mock me, she started moving her foot up and down in a hypnotic motion. She doesn't seem to notice what she’s doing as the shorts sink up and down.

“Class dismissed”, I hear over my shoulder when the clock strikes 12:30. The students all file out of the class anxious to get to the café, the library or god knows where else. I find myself unable to move though while I watch her pack her backpack slowly. She even starts to blush when she realizes she is moving much slower than the other students.

I let out a chuckle at the cuteness of it all and that seems to make her sink into her seat a bit. “Dammit” I mutter to myself, knowing I just scared her. She moves quicker this time and stuffs the remaining books in her backpack before showing off her lovely legs again. I groan for what must have been the third time as her perfectly toned ass sways from side to side while she walks.

At that moment, I get another message telling me to just do it. “It’s now or never little buddy.” He was right of course. There wasn’t a day that went by this semester that I didn’t fantasize about that woman and I was miserable since I hadn’t even brought myself to talk to her yet. It was as if I was robbing myself of happiness.

“What would she ever see in me?” I shot back to Chris in a moment of self-loathing that I had been feeling a lot lately. I mean I knew that it was as simple as saying hi, but those words didn’t even begin to describe what I wanted to do to her body. Furthermore, it’s not like she would want me to do any of those things anyway, so what's the point?

“You got to do it, little buddy. Either that or stop complaining about how miserable you are when you won’t do anything to create your own happiness.” I don’t know why, but I took this as an insult. Like how dare someone claim I'm responsible for my own unhappiness when I knew I didn’t stand a chance with a goddess like her.

“screw you” I shot back angrily, but I knew he was right. I quickly collected my things and shot my way towards the hallway to finally say something to her. I don’t know what came over me in that instant. Maybe all the waiting I had done, or maybe it was the fact that I had a raging boner in my pants, but I just knew I needed to let her know how I felt before it was too late.

“Hey stop,” I yell loud enough for her to hear me. She stops instantly and looks nervously around for who called her. She quickly blushes and puts her head down when she realizes it’s me. “ I’m sorry,” I say while she seemingly debates moving forward or not. “I’m sorry I laughed at you. You just look really cute when you’re flustered.”

Her cheeks turned bright red. “I........ I..... um” Her cuteness is enough to make me smile. I then get lost in the idea of feeling her touch on my body while she debates what to do. I move towards her trying to be as confident as I can. Maybe even throwing all the confidence I had lacked in the last couple of months together for one final blaze of brilliant glory.

I clear my throat, hoping my voice sounds as deep as possible while I approach her. “You are quite a beguiling creature. You know, that right?” She stands there in absolute shock. Her body starting to tremble a little bit. I can also see her biting her lip a bit as if she is fighting the feeling of being extremely turned on.

It’s working! I thought to myself as I took a deep breath in to take stock of what the hell I was doing. I approached closer. She appeared almost mesmerized at this point. I couldn’t believe it. Everything I've wanted for months was standing right there in front of me in a sinisterly sexy Micky Mouse shirt and the cutest smile I could ever imagine.

How was I even accomplishing this though? Could it be the sound of my voice? Women had always found my voice attractive for some reason, but never really got to hear it due to how quiet I was most of the time. Was my voice really responsible for mesmerizing this beautiful creature? Furthermore, what could I do now that I had her in my clutches? 

“Do you like the sound of my voice?”, I say as I try to get it to go deeper. She puts her head down in embarrassment and mutters a simple, “yes” I get closer and closer. My mind racing over all the things I want to do to her. My voice even seems to have her a bit dizzy and disoriented at this point. 

“I want you to submit to me, She looks around nervously again, her body trembling like crazy at this point. Her eyes told me she wanted it. That she was wanting this to happen as much as I did. My deep voice seemed to have a profound effect on her and she was pretty much my victim now. I swallowed hard, not sure what to do with this power. The same power she had over me for so long.

I finally stood right in front of her and saw her chest start to rise faster and faster. Could she be wanting this as bad as I do? What if I'm wrong? Will she call campus security on me? These thoughts ring in my mind as I try to swallow the nervousness I feel as I look into her milky brown eyes. I fear I'll get lost in them if I keep staring.

“I submit” she whimpers almost moaning at this point. My jaw almost drops, but I keep a poker face so she can’t see the doubt in my mind. I came all this way, grabbed her attention, and now was my chance to do everything I wanted to do. I took a deep breath in and kept staring into her eyes, slowly getting closer to her by the second. her power over me seemed to minimize as mine grew. She was pretty much fixated on my face and my green eyes at this point.

She just stands there. Maybe wondering what the hell I'm doing or wanting to do, but she doesn't seem to be protesting. I finally take one final breath, look into her eyes and do something I never expected. I lay a single long peck on her lips. Moving her chest to mine so I could show her how fast my heart was beating.

What happened next, I really wasn’t expecting. She tightly wraps her arms around me as if she is clinging for dear life and kisses me back. I move her against the wall as I caress down her curves a bit and reach the edge of her hips. I wanted to touch her legs so bad at that moment, but I worry that might be too far.

We look around the hallway and see other students starting to appear for the afternoon classes. We dip into an empty classroom without even thinking about it. I almost can’t believe what I'm doing, and I can’t believe she is going along with it.  It’s almost like I have her as spellbound as she has me and I honestly started getting lost in the moment.

She jumps on me and wraps her tree truck legs around me. I rush my hands to her butt to catch her and finally cop the feel I was dying for all year. The moment I touch her legs I'm in heaven. I'm practically taking in her every feature while I caress her goddess-like body. They were the perfect mixture of tone, tan, and probably impossibly easy to get lost in. Is she my victim or am I hers?

I kept caressing her legs, grabbing them at times out of excitement. Those same legs I was forced to watch day after day in class. I wanted to leave little bites on them as punishment for her showing them off every day. I wanted to smack them once for every time she crossed those damn things in front of me.  The same ones she would lotion almost every day in front of the whole class. She might not have known the effect she had on them by doing that, but I was determined to show her in some way. I was also determined to make her pay for what she did to me

I grabbed her beautiful pink hair, which startled her for a moment. Our eyes met as she looked at me a little frightened. Her chest was moving up and down in a pretty fast rhythm. I could tell she wanted more. Heck, I wanted more. I wanted all of her, and I was determined to get it.

Listen here you little mutt,” I managed to say confidently, you’ve been teasing me all semester, and it’s time you get what’s coming to you. I spank her for added effect, which seems to just entice her more. She tries to kiss me to show her obedience, but I push her away, making her wait for the same satisfaction that I waited so long for. She whimpers like the mutt she is, not realizing how much the power balance has shifted

What do you want master” she said as her eyes became glassy. She looked like she would listen to anything I said. I used the opportunity to get close to her lips but pulled away every time she got close. She moaned repeatedly, dying to taste my lips again. I finally whispered in her ear” how badly do you want it? How badly do you want to be punished for what you did to me?

“Really really bad” she responded in her best baby voice. The words sounded like that of a siren as they came across my ears. I knew I had her right where I wanted her. I planted a kiss on her lips to distract her, watching as she struggled to catch her breath at first. After some more caressing, I moved my head slowly to her ear and started whispering”

“You made me wait all semester for this you naughty little thing, my heart was beating fast while I watched her blush and put her head down. I then tilted her chin up towards me, seeing her beautiful brown eyes staring back” As punishment,” I continued” you’re gonna wear the shortest shorts you can find for the rest of the semester, and every time I snap my fingers in class, you will sneak away to this very spot where I will join you. Her eyes practically rolled in the back of her head as I finished my sentence. It was clear that she wasn’t used to being so overpowered. It was also obvious that she was enjoying every second of this as she crossed her legs.

“Yes master” she whispered to me. “Anything for you” She finally sat on my lap and allowed me to caress her shoulders. Her legs on my lap were a kind of heaven I couldn’t even begin to describe and the thought of having my way with her was so tempting. I debated what to do next while planting small kisses on her neck, listening to her carefully timed moans Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and turn to me.

“Take me now,” she said as if it was an order”. I smiled, knowing I finally had exactly what I wanted. I wrapped my arms around her and embraced her with a long kiss. My hands started to go lower and lower, her body trembling with pleasure at every touch. Her legs the softest pillows I've ever felt in my life. She was my victim and now I could strike. I could show her everything I felt when she walked past me during the semester.

No” I stated confidently before laying a smack on her face that surprised her. She looked shocked for a moment. Her trembling increased. She jumped back on me at that point, begging to be pleased. I gently pushed her away wagging my finger in her face. She grabbed me again, this time placing delicate kisses on my chest, begging me to have my way with her.

No” I repeated. As difficult as it was, I detached myself from her and made my way towards the door. She sat there absolutely defeated as I did, knowing she was prey from this point on. The roles were now reversed and I could have my way with this Disney land princess whenever I wanted. When I got to the door, I turned the nob slowly, before turning back to her a moment.

“Make sure to listen in class tomorrow young lady. I'll be putting you through a test of my own. Her face filled with the biggest smile, understanding that there was more to come. She almost seemed to be shaking with excitement about what could happen tomorrow. I took one last look at the girl that I had been so afraid to talk to for months and walked out the door.

I decided to play with her a little more without her knowledge and eventually found a seat near where she would eventually be coming out. Not where she could see me or anything, but I made sure I could see her. After a few minutes of scrolling through my phone, I finally saw the girl of my dreams emerge and take the sexiest walk of shame I had ever seen.

Her eyes were glassy at this point. Unnoticed drool caking parts of her lips. She was in a daze. Her heart probably racing while thoughts of tomorrow played through her head. I could not help laughing as I watched her. It made me feel so powerful. Like I had finally taken destiny into my own hands. She was finally my plaything. Mine to toy with.

She spotted me and instantly put her head down. It was a mix of cute and pathetic at the same time. I could not believe how much this was turning me on. Like I just wanted to take her right there. She walked by as quickly as she could. I couldn’t resist the urge to shout” nice legs baby can’t wait to see them on display tomorrow. She muttered” yes master and walked away.