Down with the king

The king holds a monthly ritual to keep women in their place, but a surprise death and a revolt from the village left him fearing for his life. Will the village make good on their promise?


“Bring them in.”

One by one a row of seven women were escorted in front of the king. Some of the women openly wept while others just stood there shaking in fear of what would happen next.  There were even some women that collapsed on the ground from exhaustion, a good indication that they had been dragged from a land far away for this special occasion.

It was the king’s weekly ritual. A ritual meant to showcase one of the many ways that men could assert power over their female counterparts. The ritual was created as a part of an agreement and was a way to make sure women kept their hair short. This was supposed to be a way to end the effect women could have on men in the kingdom, but it had a controversial history.

The guards stood there smiling and eyeing every one of the women that stood before them. Comments about who would be the first to join them for a night alone could be heard between the men as they mentally undressed their victims. A lot of the women looked down embarrassed while others ignored them and stood proud.

The throne room’s doors suddenly slammed shut. Guards started to draw the curtains to make sure outsiders couldn’t see what was going on. There was little they could do about the screams that would undoubtedly follow a ritual like this, but usually, those that did hear them outside would use it as a reminder not to go against the king.

The women were instructed to get on their knees and beg for the king’s forgiveness. Some dropped to their knees immediately in hopes of getting noticed as a good followers. Others just stood there seemingly ready to taunt the king and force him into a fit of rage. Nothing would be more satisfying before being forced into six months of slavery.

 “ My dear unfortunate souls. You seem to violate a crucial law established by our kingdom decades ago. A law that sees to it that a woman may not improve her appearance by way of longer hair or other elaborate means. It has been proven time and time again that this kind of conduct and appearance is an unfair advantage in the seduction and distraction of other men in the kingdom.

The king took another look at the women. Some still somehow stood not fazed by the king’s talk, but others seemed ready to have their hair cut by the king’s sword and serve their six months of servitude. The others were no doubt prepared to fight. They knew what they needed the king to do to finally spark a revolution and they were prepared to do just that. 

The king stopped after a few more words and randomly smacked one of the women in the face. She seemed to enjoy the assault, a sign that the king would be able to break her easily and that she wouldn’t put up much of a fight. The king looked over her longingly and stared into her eyes, which were suddenly beginning to fully drink in the king’s charm.

She was suddenly becoming aware of how she presented herself in front of the king. She was aware that he was playing with her emotions, but she didn’t seem to care anymore. She wanted it. 

She moves to kiss the king's boots even licking them in a sign of desperation she wanted to obey her master. The years and years of brainwashing had finally set back in and she was lost in a sea of pleasure at the idea of serving the king. The king she was told throughout her life to serving. A king that seemed to have the power to attract strong women to him and force them to submit.

The king stood in front of the woman for a minute letting her clean some of the dirt off of his boots. She looked like an animal down there as the king enjoyed every minute of it.  He smiled at her nodding his head as if to say to go further. She suddenly leaped to her feet and started caressing his chest. She then began to massage it and even lick it at one point, a sign of submission.

He responded to this after a while by spanking her. She yelped in an innocent girl's next store kind of voice. Her tone was completely submissive at this point and her fellow captives knew that she was gone. A lost cause that wouldn’t be breaking the king's rules for quite some time. The king ordered the women to bend over. in hopes of another spanking, but he simply cut her hair and sent her off.

You tease,” she yelled and tried to get past the guards for more and more of his punishment. The other women in the group tried to look on as if nothing happened. As if one of their strongest warriors in the village didn’t just submit to the king's will. ,” He won’t break us right Alexa? Right? one girl seemed to be in tears at this point not wanting to have what she had just saw be her fate.

She caught the attention of the king just as they were pulling the other girl away. .” So your name is Alexa,” the king said in his most charming of voices. The girl was stunned. She didn’t know what to do at that point. She had just had her name said in the most ridiculously hypnotizing voice possible. She then felt a sense that she was floating. A sign of confusion and a sign that the king could start to play with her mind. The girl that was talking to her earlier tried to intervene but was stopped by the guards.

“Don’t listen to him Alexa don’t let him get in your head. “ The king called for the guards to restrain the younger girl, seemingly forcing her to watch what was about to unfold. “Alexa my dear, the king said in his most charming of voices, “Why did you defy your king like this? You know women aren’t supposed to have long hair. “

I’m…. I’m sorry my king, the girl stuttered as she got on her knees. She had her arms wrapped around the king’s leg begging for his forgiveness. He looked down at her in the same way a man would a small child. His piercing black eyes tearing into the girl’s soul. “Of course you are my dear he finally said and gave her a pat on the head”. He then forced her body over the slab of rock and with one swift movement cut her hair.

The younger girl that seemed to be her sister kept calling for her as she was escorted away. She tried to step out of line and run after the older girl but was quickly stopped by several guards. The young girl even tried calling after Alexa for a few seconds, but she was in a complete fog after being in the king’s presence. The king then walked up next to her. Ready to pounce once again.

“Don’t worry my dear. You’ll see her again soon enough. The younger girl tried to ignore the king, desperate to make sure she didn’t fall for his tricks. She turned her head away from him and refused to acknowledge him at all. He quickly corrected this by grabbing her by her tattered shirt and forcing her into his face.

She started to cry out of nowhere. Tears coming out slowly and then quickening in pace. She then made the biggest mistake of her life. She spits in the king's face as an act of defiance. “You’ll pay for what you did to my sister and the others” she growled, swinging her arms in a desperate attempt to hit him in the stomach and knock him down a peg.

The king quickly motioned for his guards to come forward and hold the girl over the slab. This meant that the king was done playing games and could be ready to execute the girl right here and now. He pulled out his sword and held it just over the girl’s neck. She started sobbing onto the slab rock and muttered a small prayer.

The king took exception to the prayer, which he knew quite well. It was the same prayer he had heard in the days before he ascended to the throne years ago.  A prayer that was completely in conflict with his kingdom’s ideology. The prayer was meant as an apology to the victim’s friends and family for failing them and leaving them alone in this dark time in human history.

“Your friends can’t save you now my dear,” The King said as he moved the girl's head up to look at her. And before you depart this world. I want you to know that I will take pleasure in forcing your dear friends into submission.” The king slapped her in the face, which left a large hand mark on her face.

“We will defeat you” the girl cried in a desperate fit of anger. “This isn’t right! You have done nothing but bring women down since you ascended to the throne and one day someone will put an end to it. ”She started struggling against the guard’s grasp, desperate for any final second of freedom before the king decided to end her life.

“There is no end,'' the king replied. Women have been the benefactor of many privileges for far too long. That’s why we have the agreement. Those days are over and the sooner you and your fellow dissenters realize that the better” The king got close to the girl's face. Wanting her to hear every word that came out of his mouth. He even started to whisper into her ear in a menacing way

“You’ve had it too good for too long. You don’t want equality! You want power over men and part of that power is your long hair. It gives you an unfair advantage. The girl tried struggling a bit to try to get the king away from her face, but the king simply waited for her to stop struggling before continuing back into his speech.

“It gives you a feminine nature. Something you know a man cannot resist. You play on a man’s emotions every day by doing this and yet you somehow feel that you are the one being victimized? What about the men that have to look at you? What about the men that are forced to endure the tall task of not falling victim to your feminine wiles.”

The girl didn’t answer the king’s questions. She knew any answer she gave would be met with an argument and a swift flick of the king’s sword. Once some time had passed. The king stepped closer to the girl, kneeling to make sure that his mouth was completely on the level with the girl’s ears. He wanted to make sure she heard him loud and clear.

“My dear that is why we do this. It is the only way a man may defend himself against the unfair advantage your gender has over men for generations. Furthermore, it is the only way that we can be on a level playing field and not fall victim to your mind control like men have so many times in the past.”

 “Stop fighting” the girl pleaded to the other. Don’t anger the king, it will be worse for all of us!” The king stepped between the two girls, his figure towering over the one that had just stepped forward. A smile grew on his face as he realized he could play with their emotions a bit. 

 “You don’t want to see your friend die do you?” he said with a hint of amusement on his face. The king removed the woman from the slab and had her kneel before him. She couldn’t fight any longer and simply crumbled to her knees in a heap. She started to sob as the other girl rushed to her side.

“I’ll make you a deal,'' the king said,” since I’m feeling in a relatively generous mood this afternoon, I will only sentence her to six months if she does a show of obedience before we haul her off. The king looks at the two girls as they exchange glances with either other. The first girl’s eyes seemed to be longing for the chance to keep fighting to give the king what he deserved, but the other wanted her to submit and not risk further punishment

“Think about your mother,'' the girl pleaded with the other. What will she do without you?” The king sat there awaiting the young girl’s decision. After a few minutes of sobbing, she silently nodded to the other girl and stepped towards the king. She then breathed a deep sigh and got on her knees with her hands at her side. The king looked absolutely pleased to see this and was ready to see her perform for him.

The girl moved forward on her knees to the king as he stood there triumphantly. He couldn’t wait to see how she would make up for her disobedience. The other three girls looked down, not wanting to see what would happen next. Some even fought tears as they prepared to witness their friend submit to the king.

Suddenly the girl on her knees grabbed a knife that was hidden in her clothes and lunged forward at the king. It was a desperate attempt at best, but she actually managed to slice open the skin on his left thigh. Blood began to trickle out of the king's wound and stained his white robe.  The three other girls stood and cheered on the armed girl as she tried to flee from the guards, but they started to catch up quickly.

In a desperate attempt at finally reaching freedom, she stood at the door of the palace, backing up the guards with her knife. No one wanted to risk their life trying to take her down, which allowed her to gain some distance. She then turned the knife on herself and in one swift motion dug it deep into her chest.

The guards tried to reach for her, but she fell to the floor, hit her head, and then laid motionless. The three remaining girls gasped in horror at what had just happened. They knew this was against the rules since death was supposed to be quick and painless and this was as far from that as one could imagine. 

The young girl had died slowly. In a matter of minutes instead of the seconds that she would have died if she had not escaped moments earlier. Unfortunately for the king, this meant that the death would be ruled cruel and go against the agreement that the king had made with the villages a few years ago.

The agreement was a peace offering after the king had forced two girls that were caught in their house to undergo six months of servitude. The rule was usually that the girls could keep their hair long if they didn’t leave the house where the king could see them, but he came for a surprise visit one day and saw them in the windows of their house

The other villagers argued that girls shouldn’t be forced into servitude since they didn’t go outside, but they were still given the king at the time of his visit. The villagers were outraged at the king’s decision and threatened to revolt, which forced the king into drafting an agreement to give the women rights when they were captured.

Of course, the rights while captured bill was just a way to help the kingdom publicity-wise after several incidents of women dying in their care. Some had even died during the weekly hair ceremony for mocking the king in anger. The king had too much to drink that night and grew very angry with one girl, which ultimately resulted in him killing her in one fell swoop.

The other girls looked on in horror as the guards tried their best to clean up the mess. There was nervous energy around the kingdom since everyone knew what had just happened and the agreement that had just been broken, but no one said a word. After a few more minutes of cleanup, the body was dragged away by a few guards as the king looked on at the girls.

Ladies. I know what you have seen today is troubling. Despite this, however, you have breached your part of the agreement by keeping your hair long, which means that you went back on it first. That’ means that you three will still be forced into servitude and you will also not be allowed to have any communications with your village while we straighten this out.

The king was solemn in his discussion and despite the girls looking outraged and in fear, he did not change his mind. The girls were then one by one forced over the slab and had their hair cut off. Some cried and others even struggled for some time, but once they tired out of their little tantrum, the king would cut their hair and send them into prison.

The girls were escorted one by one into separate cells of the prison. They looked on and saw other lost souls looking back at them. Souls that had been violated in unspeakable ways by the king and his men. Some sat there with blank expressions on their face, completely broke and ready to submit again, others trained for a revolt they feared would never come.

The girls sat quietly In her cells thinking of their lost friend. Their train of thought was interrupted by a knock on their cage doors. It was time for them to service the guards as well. They were finally tied up and forced to their knees. The guards wanted a show and would make sure that the girls would look into their master’s eyes the whole time. This is how they would be broken in.

The girls were given lotion to rub on themselves for the show as they moaned in embarrassment. . They were given a quick reprieve, but only for the guards to ready themselves for another round. After about 20 or 30 minutes of this, the guards started to spank their bare asses. It was as if they didn’t know what had just happened to their friend. The girls just stood there taking it. They felt completely defeated at this point.

Once the guards were finally done the girls were left exhausted, sweating, and horny in their cells. They weren’t supposed to learn about sex due to how they would be able to use the idea against men, which means that they weren’t even allowed to pleasure themselves. The girls wanted to so desperately, but they knew it would only get them in more trouble.

As night fell,  the girls remained quiet. It’s the only place they could be alone with their thoughts. Other girls were being violated in cells next to them, the clanging of bars breaking their chain of thought and forcing them to acknowledge the situation that they found themselves in. They thought of their families, of their friends, and what life would be like without the friend that was captured with them.

Another week passed since the tragedy and while the guards were wary about the negative effects of holding another ritual, the king ordered one for that Sunday. His argument for this was that if he held off on the ceremony, it would be a show of weakness. He also told the guards to prepare a town hall for the next day where the villages would be informed that the girl simply escaped and was never found.

One by one the next set of girls, four this time, we're led into the king’s palace. They all had a look of indignation on their faces. Of course news of the girl’s disappearance had probably reached all the villages by this time and their anger would only be ignited when the official story would be released during a town hall the next day.

The king walked back and forth as he usually did with his sword. He looked over the women, all particularly beautiful this time. One even had that signature black hair that he was mesmerized by as a child. This should be a great day for the king. A chance to enjoy his dominance over the women in the kingdom, but he feared for his life also.

If the girls being brought to him were this angry, he could only imagine how angry the villagers all were by now. But again, stopping the ceremony for a while would be a sign of weakness. It would also risk the possibility of the villages breaking the agreement again and thus resulting in more problems between the kingdom and the villages.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, he said in his most sultry of voices.” There’s no need to fear. You aren’t in any danger. The guards looked on nervously, knowing how untrue that statement could be. The girls all kept their heads down and the king motioned for the black-haired girl to move forward. She crawled on her knees to the king and looked up at him submissively.

He knew she wouldn’t be that hard to break and a smile came over his face for a moment. The king snapped his fingers and the girl started to strip for the king. He quickly drank in her beautiful features desperate for relief after the incident. She danced so hypnotically the king had to stop himself from getting caught up in it. Finally, she got her knees and announced her submission to the king, causing a big smile to creep over his face.

The king needed this relief and the girl looking down embarrassed was the best site he had seen in days. The king then got up and grabbed his sword. The girl winced for a second, but the king tried to give her a soothing pat on the back to ensure that she was comfortable. It was unusual for the king to do so, but went unnoticed by the now broken sex slave.

The king then cut her hair in one swift movement. She whimpered a little at the loss of her beautiful hair but quickly got distracted when she looked up at the king. His eyes bore into hers and she began to get lost in them. She then grabbed the king and started holding onto his leg. Her loins were soaked at this point and that made the king very happy.

With a snap of his fingers, the guards carried the girl off. She allowed them to grab her and lead her to the prison. She seemed to be lost in la-la land at this point and didn’t even seem to notice the king’s next victims screaming out to her in hopes of interfering with the brainwashing. The doors closed with a thud after a few moments and the girls quickly looked down in defeat. They knew they were forced to suffer the same fate as her, but they knew they couldn’t flee. They knew that doing so would result in them getting lost and at risk of violating the agreement made with the kingdom. They all knew they had to stay there and endure the punishment that was set for them.

The three remaining girls were then told to strip naked. Two of the girls agreed outright and started stripping off the bright and colorful loins that their families had made for them. The other girl remained on her knees but refused to take off her clothes. She stared at the king with disdain, something that made The King nervous given what had just happened.

He walked over to the girl that didn’t move and knelt in front of her. “You’re not making this easy on yourself sweetie,” he said,” trying to show a lighter side to the girl. The girl refused to even look at him. Tears were welling in her eyes. The king was just about to get up and walk away, but the girl grabbed the king by his shoulder and pulled him back down.

What happened to my sister? The girl said out of nowhere.” The other remaining girls looked away nervously. They knew this wouldn’t end well and that this would anger the king. The girls then started shaking, worrying that the girl had broken the agreement by doing this and that they would all face more severe punishment.

The king looked at the girl solemnly. His gaze switched over to the other two girls’ beautiful breasts. He desperately wanted to forget that question and have his way with both of the girls. He knew he couldn’t though. He knew that he would have to be very careful in his next few actions. He had to make sure that didn’t lose his temper

“I can’t answer that my dear,” I don’t know where she is” The king felt ashamed for lying to someone like this, but the truth would have been much worse for the relationship between the kingdom and villages. If it somehow got out about the girl that killed herself, it would have been ruled a cruel death and would have happened under the king's watch.

The king grabbed his sword. He was ready to end this encounter and send the girl to the dungeon.  The girl  grabbed the king's arm and started to cry” what happened to her?” She pleaded again in-between sobs,” why did you let her run away. The king knew the real answers to these questions but just stayed silent. The girl finally had enough of the silence and slapped him in the face.

This severely angered the king and he grabbed the girl by her hair. He then pulled it and forced her to the ground. His guards tried to stop him from doing this, knowing what the implications would be, but he refused to listen to them. He continued to drag her around by her long hair for a few moments.

 The girl managed to spit in the king’s face at this point, an act that should have surely gotten her killed if it wasn’t for the current controversy. The girl struggled in the king’s arms and tried to push off of him, but his grip was too strong. His arms were too big and his desire to make women suffer for their past misdeeds was at an all-time high.

He started laying kisses on the girl’s body as he continued to pull her hair. The girl was sobbing at this point, but he just continued to kiss her face as a show of dominance. The girl was getting moist at this point and was actually starting to enjoy the abuse. It was something she wasn’t going to admit, at least not yet, but the feeling was definitely there.

The girl tried to fight out of her fogged mind, but between the hair pulling and the king’s sultry kisses, there was nothing she could do to fight him off. She even tried biting him at one point, but that didn’t even break his concentration. She finally allowed the king to kiss down her legs and towards her private parts.

After a little bit of playing the king picked the girl back up and put her against the slab. He took a moment to admire the girl’s features. A big white ass laid in front of him. Some hair in the crevices protrude out, but she maintained a relatively clean body. He then put straddled her from behind with the sword in his hands.

The girl was half asleep at this point after experiencing multiple orgasms. She still tried to ask the king questions about her sister, but she kept interrupting herself by moaning in orgasmic pleasure.  The king looked down to see that she was now fingering herself, a sign that she was completely broke. He finally decided to get back down to business and cut off her hair.

The girl fell asleep a few moments later and was carried by the guards to the prison. The last two girls looked at the king longingly. They were seduced by his charm the moment they had walked in there and they had nothing else on their mind besides the way the king would dominate them. The king looked at them with pleasure in his eyes, ready to pounce on them for disobeying them.

He had the girls run in place for a long time. Their hair bouncing in the air and sometimes hitting them in the face. It was a fun occurrence and even got some of the guards to laugh. The girls' hair enticed the king so much that he found himself stepping closer and closer to the girls as time went on. He couldn’t wait for their punishment to end so he could torture them more.

The girls were sweaty, shaking, and exhausted by the time the king told them to stop. The girls laid down on the palace floor for a while to calm down. The king walked over after a few moments and began massaging the girls. The two girls responded with moans that he desperately wanted to act on, but time was running out of time for him to do so.

In less than an hour, he knew he had to be present for a meeting with the guards on how the suicide would be handled and what the villagers would be told about it. The plan was still to claim her as a runaway and bury the evidence far away from the kingdom, but some concerns about doing so would result in a revolt if they couldn’t back up their claims.

The king’s mind then shot back to the present and bit one of the girls in her shoulder. She moaned for a few more seconds begging for the king to finish her off, but he responded only by cutting her hair and having a guard take her to the prison. The other girl laid their still a crumpled heap on the floor after her punishment. She seemed very tired but very desperate for the king’s touch.


The king took a moment to rest before finally grabbing his sword and preparing to strike the girl's hair. The girl suddenly leaped from her feet in an act of desperation. It was something that the king wasn’t prepared for. He tried to dodge her, but she just grabbed onto his hand and begged him to please her more and that she needed him.

The king had never seen a reaction like this before and thought it was kind of strange for a woman to be able to do this when they are supposed to be submissive after this process.  The girl continued to cry and cry into her shoulder. She tried to wrap herself around the king, but he kept getting out of her grasp.

He finally grabbed her hair and swiped it off in a swift movement. The girl begged to be able to stay, but the guards began to escort her down the hall to the prison cells. Once the girl reached the cell with the guards, she became aware of several of the other girls she was captured with being forced to service other guards. Their eyes looked devoid of life and they just laid there as the guards had their way with them.

Another week went by and Sunday arrived once again. The king strode confidently into the throne room. He knew now that he could enjoy his day making beautiful disobedient women submit to him without feeling guilty of what he had done in his past. In fact, after convincing the village people that the girl had run away and didn’t die, he felt that his reign could finally go on in peace.

Bring them in,” The king said triumphantly after he sat down on his giant throne. He was ready for a show and nothing would keep him from it. The guards looked nervous though. They knew the village people would protest this ritual, but they had kept it from the king all week long. Of course, that was because no one was brave enough to tell him. They also didn’t want to be the subject of his rage.

With that being said, the guards still carried on as if nothing had happened a week ago. The throne room’s door came open with exaggerated slowness and one by one a line of beautiful women appeared in the room. These were the women that every man in the villages yearned for. The ones that were known as the bigger breasted, more experienced women. The king couldn’t believe his eyes and couldn’t wait to take his sword to every single one of their beautiful manes 

They just stood there. All doe-eyed in front of the king. These women knew how to turn on the charm for men and boy was it working on the king. One with blue eyes stepped forward. The king was feeling in a giving mood and asked the girl to introduce herself. The girl smiled and looked up at the king, her eyes seemingly putting him in a trance.

“Yes, master. “She whispered in the king’s ear. The king adjusted himself and started to pet the girl's hair in the same way you would an animal’s. The girl cleared her throat and said in a baby voice because I’m a bad girl and I need to be punished. The king was on cloud nine at this point he even almost dropped his sword when he went to pick it up.

“Why do you insist on disobeying me, you selfish little pup,” he said in his deepest voice. He followed that up by grabbing the girl’s hair and listening to her moan in pleasure for several minutes. The other seven girls just sat there mesmerized by the king's seduction of the girl. The blue-eyed girl then straddled the king and starting to lick his face. He continued to grab at her hair more and more, even getting her to moan more at one point.

The girl started biting up the king’s neck and put her lips to his ears. Teach me a lesson daddy, she said in an innocent-sounding voice. She was dripping wet under her loincloth and the king noticed this almost immediately. You can’t help yourself can you,” The king said with a triumphant smile on his face, the girl gave the same triumphant smile back and asked the king why he did it.

The king stood there in complete shock at this point. He couldn’t believe he had been called out in front of the guards. In front of the entire cast of slaves for that matter. He quickly looked around and whispered to her that he didn’t know what she meant. The other slaves sat there and gave the king the same triumphant look that the blue-eyed girl. It was almost as if they were planning something, but he couldn’t place what.

The king reached for his sword and cut the girl's hair off in one clean swipe. He then motioned for the guards to escort her away. The girl looks at the king one more time and out of nowhere spits on him right in his face. The king is completely shocked by this, but he knows that everyone is watching him right now. Unfortunately for him, this meant he couldn’t retaliate.

The next girl stepped forward. She was leaning side to side to extenuate her large hips. Her long black hair went down to her shoulders and looked of pure silk. She knew she had the king’s full attention at this point and was going to capitalize on every single moment of it. She started kissing down the king's neck, even taking time to have a carefully placed bite every once in a while. The king moaned in absolute pleasure. The girl noticed this and then got in the king's ear.

Why did you do it master.”? There it was the same question as last time. A question he absolutely couldn’t answer without being thrown out of power. He tried to quickly grab his sword, but the girl stopped him before he gets a clean grab on her hair “Why won’t you tell me what you did to her?” She moaned, almost crying at this point.

This freaked the king out and he quickly slashed her long hair off. The king started to look around for an exit, but one didn’t present itself.  In fact, even his guards didn’t seem to give him room to run. It was as if they knew something was going on, but they were refusing to help the king out of it. They were sitting there and letting the village people expose the kingdom.

The girl has finally motioned away and she spits on the king before she gets escorted away. The next girl is brown-eyed and has ember-like hair. She was one of the more beautiful women in the village and was very exotic-looking. She smiled at the king and started to dance with her people, her wide hips mesmerizing the king and making his head bob back and forth.

The girl looked absolutely beautiful and she moved most enticingly. The king even had his tongue sticking at one point, which meant he was loving every single minute of it. The girl brushed her hair in the king’s face several times. He lost control at that moment and grabbed her hair violently. The girl went to the floor with a thud and smiled as she looked up at the king.

“You can’t control yourself can you master?” It almost like you couldn’t help yourself with Alexa. The king looked panicked at that point. He tried to get up but was forced down by the brown-haired girl. She even had the king by the wrists and wouldn’t let him move to send her away. In fact, with the panic that filled the room throughout all this, it looks like no one would help the king.

Suddenly another girl stepped up to the king. She started to dance also. She was older than the first two and seemed to be familiar even. They both started swaying together in the most intricate of ways, their hair intertwining as they danced together. The two girls then came face to face and teased the king by looking longingly into each other’s eyes.

Both girls had their hair hiding much of their face. A fact that made them look even more innocent and even more irresistible to the king. He tried again to get up but was again dragged down by the two girls. They then started pressing him harder and harder into the chair. Putting their full weight against him.

The king couldn’t breathe. Their hair was all across the king’s face. He was slowly starting to give in to temptation and sniffed the hair. The girls giggled a little bit at this and took turns slapping him in the face with their hair. After this, another girl stepped up and begun to gently caress under his robe

She traced small circles over the king’s private, making sure to get closer and closer to the king's sweet spot. The girls continued to slap him in the face with their hair, which only made him hornier. He was completely out of breath at this point and the third girl was getting dangerously close to having her way with him.

 At that point, yet another girl stepped forward and straddled the king. She was the final girl for the day’s ritual and had been waiting for a while to finally get her hands on the king. The other continued to dig deeper into the king's robe and were caressing his naughty areas. The kind was absolutely on cloud nine at this point.

“You….. you can’t do this,” the king whispered in his most pathetic voice. He was out of his element at this point and the girls had finally gained the upper hand on the king. The final girl got in the king's ear and started kissing it, she then told him to close his eyes and let her ask him a question.

The girl gave the king a reassuring look with her black eyes and even kissed him on the lips. You… you can ask me anything he said, wanting her badly at this point. The girl even took a moment to play with her hair for added effect, which the king took notice of and started sniffing it again.

What did you do to my daughter, ``What did you do to Alexa?” The king awoke from the girl’s seduction and started to push past the girls. They all four responded by trying to chase him down, which took a while, but they were able to pull him to the floor before the king could reach the door.

The black-eyed girl straddled the king again as he looked mortified. She had anger in her eyes and revenge on her mind. The rest of the girls were now standing in a circle to make sure that she got a chance to act on that revenge. The girls slowly closed the distance between the king and them while the black-eyed girl pulled a sword from her hip.

“You didn’t think you would pay for what you did to her,” she asked while seething with anger. The king knew he couldn’t defend himself and just laid there, tears streaming out from his eyes. “I… I didn’t mean to do anything to her. you must believe me. She committed suicide after she attacked me. I guess she feared the consequences of her actions.”

A hushed tone fell over the throne room. Several of the girls stepped forward to hug the black-haired girl, some were even crying over the loss, but they also seemed to be relieved that they knew what had happened. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to meet her end so early in her life, but at least it allowed for closure on all sides.

The black-eyed girl looked back at the king after a few more minutes of crying. She was done trying to seduce him. She knew he was now completely in her clutches and would be dealt with however she wanted him to be. The guards looked on and some even left the room, which made it obvious that the king had no allies and no one to help him out of this.

The girl held the weapon to the king’s throat. Its blade was sharp and was already starting to cut into the king’s skin. He started shaking. Then even crying after a few minutes. He didn’t want to die here and he didn’t want to die for this. He knew he had messed up, but he was desperate to beg for forgiveness and to be spared.

Spare me! He cried out of nowhere.  The room fell silent again. They were all shocked that the king had even asked to be spared. Did he really think he could just be excused for letting a young girl die on his watch? The girls all shook their heads in unison and the black-haired girl eventually turned back to him.

In one swift movement, she moved the sword up in the air. Its blade reflecting against the setting sun and blinding the king in the process. He couldn’t see, but still, he begged for forgiveness. He even started pleading at this point to allow them to elect a new king. He just wanted to live at this point.

The girls started to tease the king by bringing the sword down inches from his throat and then lifting it back up again. They then started waving it over his face, which made him even more nervous. When this became too boring to do anymore, they finally swung the blade into the king’s throat, spilling blood all over the throne room floor.

The king was still alive at this point and writhing around in pain. The girl nailed the king in the throat a second time, which decapitated the head completely off. The girls got up and cheered. Some even hugged each other in support of what they had just done. In response, the guards dropped their weapons and shield to show that they would not punish them for what happened.

The girls were then escorted by the guards out of the kingdom. Many of them fight tears as they think about what they had just done. Some were even thinking about how Alexa should be here to see all this. The mother of the girl got up after a few more slices to the throat and put the sword down for the last time.

She laid it at the entrance to the kingdom. Her eyes shifted outside, where a group of villagers was cheering the brave women on. After a moment of cheers and celebration for their monumental deed, the crowd started to chant Alexa’s name which all reminded them of the brave friend they had all loved and lost. It was this fact that made the victory bittersweet.