Ronda Rousey versus Alexa Bliss in a hair versus hair match

Alexa Bliss might have just won the Raw Women's title, but now must defend it against Ronda Rousey in a hair versus hair match at Extreme Rules


Alexa Bliss’s theme blared throughout the arena as The Goddess of Monday Night Raw made her way down the ramp. She was particularly happy since she had just won The Money in The Bank contract and cashed in to win The Women’s title from Nia Jax. Not to mention the fact that she had laid a brutal beating on The Baddest women on the planet, Ronda Rousey in the process.

It was her crowning achievement she thought to herself smiling. The latest in a long line of achievements by The Goddess that would one day cement her as WWE Hall of Famer.  What made the moment even sweeter however was the fact that she did it by ruining Rousey’s first title opportunity in WWE, something that was very hard to come by.

She looked down both sides of the aisle, allowing herself to soak in the reaction from The WWE Universe while they showered her with a mix of boos and cheers. She then gestured as if to say she couldn’t hear them before laughing. Once she got in the ring, she made sure to hold the big red belt over her head and let everyone know she was the queen of the mountain.

”You doubted me didn’t you?” She asked coyly to the audience, letting them get in another round of boos before continuing. ,” You doubted me, just like you did when I first challenged Bayley for the Raw women’s title a year ago, but once again I have proven my superiority over the rest of The Raw roster and cemented my place in history.”

“Want to know the worst part?” she asked with mock concern? She watched The WWE Universe stand there with angry looks on their respective faces. They not only knew that this was her moment to gloat, but also that she wouldn’t waste an opportunity milking it for all it was worth. “The worst part is that not even your hero, The Baddest Woman on the planet, could stop me.”

An angry look then came over Bliss’s face. It was becoming apparent that this was more than just about dominance. It was about years and years of being looked at as less for her small stature. “And you want to know why she couldn’t stop me? Because I outsmarted her. That’s right! The former UFC Bantamweight champion was outsmarted by Miss five feet of fury.”

She then fell onto her back in laughter and started rolling around the mat for good measure. She sat back up a few seconds later and started pointing at random members of the audience. “You doubted me, you doubted me. You all doubted me! And where are you now?” Bliss paused before a sinister smile stretched across her face. “You’re just a bunch of talentless losers. Just like her!”

After laughing for a few more seconds she put her fingers to her lips as if she was thinking about something for a moment. “You know what? Calling her a loser is too nice of me.” She then put her mouth close to the microphone before speaking in a toddler's voice.” In fact, why don’t we all take a moment to soak in the fact that I made the baddest women on the planet my bitch?”

The crowd erupted in shock. Gasps filled the arena air but were somehow still drowned out by Joan Jett’s song, reputation. Rousey sprinted towards the ring with her sights fully set on The Goddess of Monday night Raw.  Bliss sprinted for the ring ropes to try to make her exit through The WWE Universe, but Rousey was quick enough to grab her by her hair. The goddess squirmed in Rousey’s grip begging to be let go.

In response, Rousey stood there holding Bliss just high enough off the ground to pull her hair. She had that look in her eyes. That same look she had when she realized that The Authority had crossed her only months ago.

Rousey pulled Bliss further and further off the ground, seemingly taking pleasure in the fact that her screams grew a little louder each time. Suddenly out of nowhere, Rousey was nailed with a steel chair in the back by someone in the ring. Rousey turned around to see who was her attacker but was met with a Riott kick from Ruby Riott.

Rousey’s body fell against the ropes, her grasp loosening on Bliss and allowing her to get away. Before she knew it, Sarah Logan hit her with a spear out of nowhere, sending both of them sprawling to the floor. The rest of the Riott squad joined in on beating up Rousey as Bliss sat there and watched.

Rousey finally caught one of Bliss’s boots to the face after a few more shots, which prompted Stephanie McMahon’s music to hit and for the Commissioner of Raw to make her way to the ring flanked by security. ”Get your hands off my champion,” she barked at Rousey as the security officials surrounded her on both sides of the ring.

Rousey just stood there. The champion’s boot is still in her hands. Bliss just stared back at her in fear that Rousey would absolutely decimate her if given the chance. Ronda, Stephanie said making her way down the ramp and to the ringside area, I know your new here, but this is not how we settle things in WWE. You had your chance at the title last night and you lost.

Bliss used this momentary distraction to get her arms around Rousey’s neck to lay her out with a DDT on the floor. The Riott squad members quickly got on both sides of Rousey to hold her back as the champion took time to gloat. Meanwhile, McMahon walked up to Rousey and nailed her with a signature slap before continuing to speak.

Rousey struggled to get up again but was beaten down by Ruby Riott and her team. You listen to me little miss has been. McMahon said in her signature voice, “this is The WWE. This isn’t UFC. You can’t just do whatever you want whenever you want. There are rules!”

Speaking of rules, Stephanie McMahon continued, Jax was the champion and she was pinned last night at Money in The Bank, which means that the first rematch is hers and not yours. Bliss shot McMahon a look of anger, wanting to know why her boss would put her in the crossfire like that.

“Don’t act surprised Alexa,” McMahon said with a serious look on her face, “The Authority doesn’t waste their time on superstars that don’t want to be fighting champions.” Bliss shot another look at McMahon hoping for some kind of stipulation to help her, but McMahon turned her attention back to Rousey.

“As for you Ronda, if you so much as dare attack my champion or any other superstar on my roster outside of competition, you will be disposed of and sent back to UFC.” McMahon then laid another signature slap on Rousey before getting in the fighter's face again. “And that’s only if they’ll take you back.”

Rousey was then collected by the security officials and cuffed before being escorted out of the building. The WWE Universe booed the security team on the way up the ramp and continued to watch in hopes that Rousey would be able to break free. Unfortunately for The WWE Universe, that didn’t happen as the segment came to an end

Later on in the night, Bliss was preparing for a backstage interview with Renee Young. She tried her best to comb her hair back into place and apply her signature pink eye shadow to get her camera ready. After Bliss was done preparing for the interview, Young turned to her and asked about what happened earlier in the night.

“Are you blind Renee?”, Bliss scowled as she grabbed the microphone away from her. “I was attacked by a jealous crazy woman hell-bent on trying to reclaim her spot on the top of the world. Unfortunately for her and any other women looking to take that spot, it’s currently occupied by The Goddess.”

“I would call her attempt at attacking me cute if it wasn’t so pathetic and didn’t just reek of utter desperation, Bliss continued,” That’s what it’s about though Renee. That’s why Rousey wants a piece of me, because of the attention she’ll get.  In fact, she almost needs to beat me to even be relevant again.”

The live audience gasped that Bliss would get so personal so quickly and even dare to hint at her failures in UFC.” Rousey is nothing, but an attention whore, “Alexa Bliss continued, “she wants to come in here and be a big success like she was in UFC. Not because she loves it or is passionate about The WWE Universe, she just wants to be talked about again.”

Bliss then looks into the camera and takes several steps forward. “Ronda, I hope you’re watching this right now and I hope you hear me loud and clear.” A sick grin grew on her face again. “You will never be relevant like me. You will never be as talented as me and you will never look anything like the goddess that I am.”

“And that’s what bugs you more than anything, isn’t it Ronda?,” Bliss went on,”  The fact that I’m on the cover of the magazines, I’m the company’s next big thing. I’m the center of attention and not you.  Guess what else Ronda? ESPN wants to put me on the cover of their magazine next month, which means that my goddess-like body will be on display.

“That’s right! Not you! Me. I’m the one the people want and not you. I’m The WWE Women’s champion and you’re not. Finally, I’m the center of attention and you’re not. It just kills you doesn’t it Ronda? And that’s what drove you to attack me at the beginning of the night because it was your last chance at relevancy.”

Bliss then turned around to leave but returned seconds later to grab the microphone from Renee’s hands again. “And as for Jax. Her last chance at relevancy is right now.” Bliss’s music suddenly hits and she walks away to make her entrance. She then appears from behind the curtain and does her signature pose with The Women’s championship. After taking a few seconds to laugh at fans, she held her title above her head and walked towards the ring.

Next was Jax and she had revenge in her eyes as she sprinted for the ring. Bliss held her ground and brawled with Jax, but was brought down by a left to the jaw. Jax then began stomping her while the referee tried to break the two off to start the match. Jax eventually relented and went to her counter and after a few more seconds, Bliss was on her feet in her corner.

The bell rang and Jax charged at Bliss, but she was able to dodge and send her into the ring post. She followed that up with a bulldog off the top rope and planted Jax into the mat. After taking a few seconds to access the situation, Bliss was pounding Jax with slaps to the face, but she was eventually sent to the ground with a head-butt.

Jax used the opportunity to get up and nailed Bliss with a stellar dropkick to send her back to the mat. Jax then pulled Bliss up by her throat and hit her with a sit-out powerbomb. Bliss was reeling at this point and couldn’t find the strength to get up. After taking a few seconds to get back up, Jax prepared to land her signature leg drop on Bliss.

Jax bounced against the ropes and went for the drop, but Bliss managed to get out of the way. This caused the former Women’s champion to crash to the mat and squirm in pain. Bliss used the opportunity to hit Jax with her a devastating DDT and went for the cover. The referee was able to get to two, but Bliss kicked out at the last second. 

Bliss then turned to argue with the referee about the count and telling him that it should have been a three count. While she was discussing things with the referee, Jax Irish whipped Bliss into the ropes and picked her up for a nasty-looking close line. Jax followed that up with a Samoan drop and even went for the cover, but she only got a two count.

Just as both superstars were regrouping, a feed of the backstage area was broadcast on the Titan Tron and fans' attention was suddenly captivated by it. A door then swings open and Rousey runs past the camera with a steel chair in hand. The crowd goes completely nuts, hoping to see Rousey make her way past security and to ringside.

Bliss scrambled to her feet and tried to drag Jax closer to the turnbuckle so she could hit Twisted Bliss. Once Bliss was able to get her into the corner, she climbed the ropes, but Jax somehow got up in time and then gorilla pressed Bliss off the turnbuckle. Jax then went back on the attack with several hard hits to the back of The Goddess.

Bliss was finally able to roll out of the way before another kick to the back and charged at Nia with a dropkick to her knee. The Irresistible force fell to one knee and tried to steady herself, but was hit in the other knee with a dropkick. Jax was now on her knees with Bliss getting ready to close in for a final blow

Just as Bliss hit a kick to the dome of Nia Jax, Stephanie McMahon came to the ring flanked with The Riott Squad behind her. The faction spread around the ringside area like they were protecting the match from being interrupted. Bliss looked over at McMahon and received a reassuring smile before returning to the match.

Unfortunately for Bliss, she took too much time to regroup, which left her susceptible to an eye rake and a roll-up for a two count. Both superstars sat on different sides of the ring trying to regroup, but above them on the titantron, Rousey was making her way past official after official, even hitting them with the steel chair.

Rousey finally made her way through the curtain, where she laid out Liv Morgan with a chair shot to the back. Sarah Logan then tried to make her way up the ramp, but was nailed in the stomach with the chair and then hit in the back also. Finally, it was up to Rousey to save the match, but she was simply nailed with a chair shot to the stomach and then DDT’d on the chair for good measure.

With The Riott squad laid out and Stephanie McMahon the only person capable of saving the match, Bliss tried her best to get Jax back to her feet but was met with a lot of punches for her effort. The two superstars then went back and forth trading punches with each other in an attempt to knock the other off their feet.

As that was going on, Rousey charged at Stephanie McMahon but was slapped by the billionaire baroness and left holding her jaw. Rousey responded with a spear on McMahon, which meant that the last person that could protect the match was gone. Back in the ring, Bliss and Jax were still in a fistfight, but Jax’s power was beginning to gain the upper hand.

She peppered Bliss with a few more punches before backing Bliss into the corner. Jax suddenly had a look of glee in her eyes as she watched her longtime rival cowering from her and begging for mercy. She took a minute to laugh at Bliss before grabbing her hands and going for an Irish whip.

As she was doing that, however, Rousey got into the ring with the chair, which allowed Bliss to reverse the move and send Jax right into a chair shot from Rousey that was meant for her. The crowd gasped in shock as Jax took an errant hit to the dome and was completely laid out on the mat.

Bliss looked up in shock at Rousey and became very afraid of the fire that was still in the former Bantamweight champion's eyes. “ I want my match”, she mouthed to Bliss before banging the chair on the mat to scare The Goddess. Rousey backed Bliss against the ropes, never taking her eyes of the goddess and repeating her demand for a title match.

“I want my match, Alexa.”

Bliss rolled out of the ring just as another steel chair shot came down right where she was and tried to run through the crowd. Rousey followed suit and was able to nab her by the hair before she got over the barricade. This caused Bliss to go into full-on meltdown mode as fans watched her kick and scream wildly like a child.

After a few seconds of this, Rousey pulled Bliss back to ringside by the hair, causing her to flop to the arena floor. Rousey then grabbed the chair and steadied it right where Bliss’s head was.  Bliss took a moment to look back in the ring to see Jax being attended to by EMTs after her brutal chair shot she then looked up at the women who wanted to do the same to her.

“Your next” Rousey said while grinning, but Bliss was able to roll out of the wall. She then tried to get up and run, before getting hit in the back with the steel chair. Give me my match Alexa was all Rousey would say as she steadied for another shot on The Goddess. Bliss tried to roll out of the way again but was hit in the shoulder by the steel chair

“You think this is a joke? ”Bliss Rousey asked, steadying the chair for another strike. Bliss didn’t respond to the question and braced herself for yet another brutal chair shot. At this point, security had surrounded the ring, but no one wanted to be the one to talk down Rousey due to how angry she seemed.

Rousey levied another shot against Bliss's back, before sitting on her chest and getting directly in her face. “I heard your little interview with Renee Alexa and I didn’t like what I heard.” Rousey then started swinging wildly at The Women’s champion while screaming for Bliss to give her a match for the title.

After a few minutes of threatening security guards if they interfered, and completely wailing on Bliss with fist after fist to the face, Rousey got up to show the world what she had done. Fans then saw Bliss as a bloody mess on the floor after the various punches. The bleeding was so bad that it was even in her blond hair.

“I’m not leaving until I get my match Alexa,” Rousey stopped for a moment to see if Bliss would respond to the warning, but she simply just tried to crawl her way through the ringside area and up the ramp. Rousey responded with one last vicious chair shot to the arm before locking in the armbar.

“Give me match Bliss!” Alexa squealed in pain as security tried to separate the two, but Rousey maintained her grip on the champion. Not only was Bliss in a lot of pain due to the hold and the fact that her arm could be snapped in two at any moment, but she was also losing a lot of blood quickly as well.

“Say you’ll give me my match Bliss,” Rousey ordered again after getting better leverage on Bliss’s arm. Bliss continued to squeal in pain, which was suddenly cut out when Stephanie McMahon staggered to her feet and begged Rousey to stop.

“You can have your match Rousey and you can pick the stipulation, please just let her go.” Rousey then nodded and broke the hold. After shooting McMahon one more dirty look. She began to walk away from Bliss and towards the crowd.

Rousey quickly slipped through The WWE Universe, leaving medics to attend to a bloody and broken Alexa Bliss. There were also medics on hand to check on The Riott squad members as well to make sure that they were ok, but fans were particularly worried about Jax and Ruby Riott due to their popularity.

As Rousey made her way up through the crowd, medics got a backboard to put Jax on after her hit to the dome and trainers also had to help Riott to the back as well. Then there was Bliss, who laid there at ringside completely busted up and squealing in pain over having her arm almost broken off by Rousey.

It was quite the sight to see, especially since blood is very rarely seen in women’s wrestling, and it definitely signaled a ruthless aggression era-style moment. Bliss was eventually loaded onto a stretcher by medical officials and The WWE Universe got to watch Bliss be taken by ambulance out of the arena to end the show. 

The next week on Monday Night Raw had a very electric feel to it as it came on the air. Not only was this the night of the contract signing between Bliss and Rousey, but it would also be where Rousey reveals the stipulation for the match. The WWE Universe sat in wait all night for the big segment dying to know what would happen in their first encounter since last week.

Bliss was first to make her way to the ring, interestingly enough she was escorted to the ring by a security team and Stephanie McMahon. Bliss seemed to be in a lot of pain, sporting an elbow brace, several bandages wrapped around her forehead, and even a protective face plate to prevent further injury.

She eventually took one last look around the ringside area before stepping in between the ropes and sitting down at the table. After taking her seat she continued to look around nervously for her opponent while being taunted by fans. The security guards then drew mini shields and batons as they encircled the champion.

Rousey was next and the crowd erupted into cheers as her music hit and she made her way down the ramp. As soon as Rousey reached ringside, Bliss got up out of her chair and walked to the other side of the ring. Rousey stopped at the apron of the ring and seemed to crack a smile at how scared Bliss was right now.

Rousey stepped through the ropes but was soon surrounded by Bliss security detail. They stood in a straight line across the ring with their batons and shield at the ready in case Rousey decided to unload on the goddess. Please escort Mrs. Rousey to her seat guards, McMahon said trying to keep things as calm as possible.

Rousey raised her hands in an attempt to show that she didn’t mean any harm or have any weapons on her and was then asked to sit down by one of the guards. The crowd sat in anxious anticipation again as the two superstars stared each other in the eyes and waited to see who would shift their gaze.

“Ok ladies,” Stephanie McMahon said trying to get things done and over with,” it’s all right here. Just sign on the dotted line and we have our match.” Bliss looked over at Stephanie with a terrified expression on her face.” Stephanie, please don’t do this! I have a photoshoot the day after the pay-per-view and am already beat up.

The crowd immediately started to chant sell out at Bliss, but she continued. Stephanie, please. How can I be the face of your company if you keep allowing me to get beat up like last week? McMahon seemed to get angry at the accusation and stepped towards Bliss. Her towering figure over the diminutive champion was noticeable immediately.

“Alexa, “McMahon said,” if you keep whining like a little girl, I’ll find myself a new champion and throw you to the wolves.” Bliss pouted for a second, trying one last time to plead her case, but ultimately decided to turn her attention towards Rousey. “You know what Ronda, let me be clear before I sign this so there’s no misunderstanding.

Rousey seemed amused and sat back to listen to what The Goddess had to say.” I hate you! “Bliss said after a few seconds of silence.” I hate that you’re here and definitely hate the fact that you think you can make it here” Bliss then gained a little bit of confidence and stood up to tower over Rousey a little bit.

“Sure, Ronda, you have the skills to dominate in the ring, but that’s about it. Me on the other hand, I’m the full package, honey. I have the looks,” Bliss said as she slapped her hair in Rousey’s face. “The move was enough to shock fans and get Rousey out of her seat. She tried to step forward but was blocked by the guards.

“Let me finish! You attention whore.” At this point, Rousey had to be restrained by security, which Bliss took as an opportunity to lean over the table in Rousey’s face. “You want all the attention, all the glamor. You want the title around your waist and the crowd cheering like lunatics for you, but you haven’t done a damn thing to deserve it.” 

Rousey was steaming at this point and looked like she was ready to pounce multiple times when Bliss was talking. McMahon then tried to back Bliss off, but Bliss started to push back. “No Stephanie” Bliss said with a look of anger in her eyes,” she needs to hear this. She needs to hear all of this!”

McMahon tried again to back Bliss off, but she continued to push back and get closer to Rousey. “Ronda, the fact that The WWE even allows someone as dangerous as you to compete in the ring should be illegal. You hold an unfair advantage over myself and the rest of the women’s locker room and it makes this match unfair.”

The crowd really started booing Alexa and chanting Rousey’s name as well. This only seemed to anger Bliss, who told The WWE Universe to shut up. Bliss then turned her attention back to Rousey. “Ronda. I am a goddess. I am the most beautiful woman in the entire world and you don’t deserve to even lay one hand on.”

“So keep sitting there Ronda. Sit there and relax a little, because, at Extreme Rules, I will dispose of you and make sure you never show your face in WWE again. I will then go on to be the face of this company!” Rousey actually stood up at this point and started to clap at the speech that Bliss had just made.

“What’s so funny?” Bliss asked incensed.

Rousey grabbed her microphone as the guards stood there ready to attack. “The funny thing is little Mrs. Bliss is that you seem to spend all of your time worrying about being the face of the company and being the most beautiful woman in the locker room that you don’t spend enough time proving yourself between the ropes.”

Bliss got even angrier and picked her microphone back up. “I’ve been between the ropes more than you ever will and you’ll learn that the hard way on Sunday!” Rousey seemed to just laugh in Bliss’s face at this point, which only angered her more and more. “Stop laughing at me,” Bliss said as she started to jump up and down in a fit of rage.

“But what if you don’t Alexa? Rousey asked with a smile on her face” what if I beat you senseless and take your title?” Bliss stepped forward again, angrier than ever, and was ready to speak, but was interrupted by Rousey. “I’ve been thinking about that for a long time Alexa and since you’re so obsessed with your image, I think we need to change that.”

“What are you talking about?” Bliss responded in confusion, Rousey took a second for dramatic effect before putting the microphone back up to her mouth. Alexa, Rousey said with mock concern on her face,” don’t you remember? Stephanie said I could have any stipulation I wanted for the match if I let go of the hold?”

Bliss turned to Stephanie in complete shock,” You did what?”

Stephanie McMahon threw her hands up. ,” Don’t worry, don’t worry,” McMahon said trying to assure Bliss,” I have to approve the stipulation first and I won’t approve anything too dangerous.” Bliss continued to look at McMahon in anger before Rousey directed her attention back towards her

“As I was saying, I think we need to teach you a lesson about being so image-focused and with magazine photoshoot next week, I think we need to make it a hair versus hair match”. Bliss held her blond hair in her hands while in shock. She then ran to Stephanie McMahon and started pleading with her to overrule the decision.

Rousey watched as Bliss continued to beg McMahon to deny the stipulation and was surprised to see McMahon start to berate Bliss and pull her back to her feet. “Grow up”, McMahon barked at Bliss, shoving her back towards the table” You got a deal Ronda,” McMahon said before putting the contract in front of the two superstars.

Rousey smiled at Bliss, knowing she had her scared and ultimately cornered with the stipulation she had picked. She then wasted no time grabbing the pen on the table and signing on the dotted line for the match. After closing the leather folder it was placed inside, she passed it over to Bliss so she could sign.

Bliss looked at McMahon one more time in hopes that she would reverse the decision, but McMahon remained stoic. Bliss then sighed reluctantly and signed the contract and then pushed it over to Stephanie for approval. McMahon looked over the document for a second before getting on the microphone to claim that the match was official.

The WWE Universe cheered and started another Rousey chant as the baddest woman on the planet got up to leave.  “Hold on a second Ronda,” McMahon said with another big smile on her face. Rousey looked back at McMahon and Bliss confused but ultimately decided to sit back down at the table.

“You know Ronda,” McMahon said with an innocent look on her face.” Bliss might be right about you after all.” Rousey looked even more confused and stepped towards Stephanie and Alexa. She was soon met with the guards again, shields and batons ready to take Rousey down. “You don’t know anything about where you’re at do you Ronda?”

“This is The WWE Ronda,” McMahon continued,” and in The WWE, The Authority always has a way of stacking the deck. ”Rousey looked confused again as McMahon threw the contract at her. The contract missed Rousey by inches and fell on the floor right beside her. Rousey then picked it up and started to read through it.

“No point looking it over now Ronda, ”Stephanie said in a mocking tone,” I’ll tell you the stipulation if you really want to know.” Rousey got to her feet again, which again triggered the guards to back her up a few feet. Unfortunately for the guards, Rousey started to push back and reach over the table at McMahon and Bliss.

McMahon backed up a little bit before continuing to speak,” You’re not the only one that gets to pick a stipulation, Ronda, “McMahon said with her signature grin plastered on her face,” that’s why you’ll be having a special guest referee for the match. And guess what? That referee is none other than myself”

The crowd was shocked at this point. Fans started to chant you screwed Rousey and screw job Some fans even started to throw trash at McMahon and Bliss, which seemed to be a sign that the crowd could riot at any moment. During all this Rousey was still trying to push her way through the security guards and get her hands on Alexa and Stephanie. 

“See you on Sunday,” Bliss said as she regained confidence in her chances of staying champion. She followed that up by putting both of her boots up on the table right out of Rousey’s reach. Rousey suddenly jumped on the table as the guards surrounded Bliss for protection. The guards sat there with their weapons at the ready, but that didn’t stop Rousey from leaping off of the table and onto Bliss.

A full-out brawl between Bliss, Rousey, and the guards ensued, but Rousey continued to push them away and get her hands back on Bliss. Camera people also started to circle the ring to catch shots of Bliss guarding her face as Rousey continued to unload on the current Raw Women’s champion.

The guards then started trying to hit Rousey with Batons, which only angered her more as she then turned her attention to the guards. She disposed of one quickly with a punch to the face and followed that up with a perfectly timed kicked to the stomach. One by one all the guards fell victim to Rousey’s offense until it was only Rousey and Bliss in the ring.

Stephanie was hovering over Bliss at this point to try to protect her, but she was tossed aside by Rousey relatively quickly. McMahon rushed to Bliss’s side again to protect her star, which was met with a Samoan drop by Rousey into the table. After taking a minute to admire her work, Rousey finally walked back towards Bliss.

Bliss was sitting up at this point and started to back away from Rousey as she begged the former Bantamweight champion to spare her life. Rousey kept shaking her head at Bliss, which only terrified Bliss more that she would be walking into Sunday less than 100%. 

In one swift movement, Bliss made one last attempt at protecting herself by kicking Rousey In the knee as hard as she could. Rousey recoiled for just a second, which was enough for Bliss to get on her feet and hit Rousey with a surprise DDT for good measure. Bliss then ran from ringside and made a B line for the backstage area to end the show.

Six days later and it was finally time for The Extreme Rules pay per view. The night had an electric feeling to it for several reasons, but Rousey versus Bliss for The Raw Women’s title was chief among them. The crowd went into absolute silence as it was announced that the blockbuster match was up next.

Bliss and Stephanie McMahon were the first two to make their way to the ring and Bliss was still surrounded by a full-on security force. Unfortunately for Rousey and anyone willing to stand in The Authority’s way, this time the guards were armed with a repertoire of crowd control weapons. If nothing else, it was obvious what The Authority's intentions were.

The security guards stood in a straight line in the middle of the ring to protect Bliss as she prepared to defend her title. McMahon was then seen whispering something in Bliss’s ear and slipping her an unknown object to put in her bra. The two tried to act inconspicuously after the exchange, but the fans really started to get the idea that the fix was in against Rousey.

After a few seconds of booing from fans, Reputation blared throughout the arena and Rousey appeared on the ramp. Rousey took a moment to soak everything in before making her way to the ring. She made it about halfway down the ramp but was jumped from behind by all three members of The Riott squad. 

Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan peppered the former UFC fighter with punches to the face and Rousey was then brought to her feet by the two. After a few slaps to the face from Ruby Riott, she was then hit with the Riott kick, which sent the fans into a frenzy and the group even followed that up with a triple powerbomb.

With the damage pretty much done, Rousey was rolled to the ring by The Riott Squad and eventually deposited between the ropes right at Bliss’s feet. Stephanie McMahon was already in the middle waiting for Rousey to get up so she could officially start the match. When it became apparent that she wasn’t going to get to her feet on her own McMahon and Bliss decided to help her.

The two women picked Rousey up and shoved her back first into the other corner. McMahon checked to make sure that Rousey was technically back on her feet before McMahon officially started the match. Once the bell rang, Bliss wasted no time charging at Rousey and hitting her with a big boot to the face.

Rousey slumped down after the blow and Bliss continued her assault with several kicks to the stomach. Rousey was left breathless and clutching her stomach in pain as Bliss prepared for her next strike. “Get up, Rousey” Bliss then shouted between slaps to the face, where is this baddest woman on the planet that I’ve been hearing so much about.

Out of nowhere, Rousey leaped from the corner and tackled Bliss to the mat. She then started hitting her with rapid punches, which got cheers from the crowd. The moment didn’t last long however as Stephanie McMahon almost immediately started a five-count for Rousey to break things up.

Rousey finally did after the count of four and allowed Bliss time to get back up. Once Bliss was up on her feet again, Rousey hit her with a vicious clothesline, which turned Bliss inside out. Rousey continued her assault with more punches to Bliss’s face and although she was able to draw first blood after nailing Bliss in the mouth, she was pushed off by Stephanie.

This time Rousey was escorted to the corner by McMahon and then yelled at for taking the count all the way to four. Rousey and McMahon argued for a few seconds before McMahon abruptly walked away to go check on her champion. At the same moment, however, The Riott Squad got on the ring apron and started attacking Rousey from behind.

Morgan and Logan held Rousey by the arms while Ruby nailed her with several punches to the face. Rousey tried screaming for McMahon’s attention to hopefully call off the assault, but McMahon refused to shift her gaze away from Bliss.

Rousey was somehow able to hit Morgan with a stray elbow to knock her off the ring apron and then used her free hand to nail Logan in the face. After those two were taken care of, she and Ruby got into a fistfight on the apron of the ring, but Rousey was finally able to take her out with a clothesline off the apron and onto the other two members of The Riott squad.

The crowd went into pandemonium at this point and a Rousey chant was audible throughout the arena. Rousey then got up and back into the ring to focus her attention on Bliss, who was still being tended to by McMahon. Once Bliss saw Rousey she tried to back up into the corner, but Rousey grabbed her by the throat and lifted her off her feet.

Bliss could be heard screaming and crying for mercy, but Rousey seemed to have none to give. With one quick motion, Rousey hit Bliss with a  hellacious haymaker and then threw her down to the mat. From that moment on, it was obvious that Rousey was done playing games and that she was ready to finally win her first WWE title.

Rousey then dropped to her knees and went for the cover on Bliss, but McMahon refused to count Bliss’s shoulders down. This sent audible boos throughout the arena as Rousey gave McMahon a megadeath stare for her actions. After a few seconds of silence, Rousey tried again to pin Bliss, but again, McMahon refused to count the shoulders.

This made Rousey irate and she moved back to her feet to come face to face with an absolutely terrified Stephanie McMahon at this point. McMahon tried to back up and exit the ring, but Rousey grabbed her by the shirt and got into her face. Just as Rousey was about to ball her fist into a fist for another haymaker, she looked over her shoulder to see Riott with a chair.

In one final swift action, Rousey managed to duck the chair shot, which ended up nailing McMahon right in the face and knocking her cleanout. Riott looked on in shock that she just took out her boss and Rousey just stood there amused by the situation. In the confusion of it all, Rousey was able to grab the steel chair and hit Riott with it square on the head.

Unfortunately for Rousey, this was just enough time for Bliss to recover and pull the secret weapon McMahon had given her out of her bra. She then wrapped the weapon around her fist, which was revealed to be a pair of brass knuckles. Bliss tried to go for a haymaker of her own to finish Rousey off, but the punch was caught before it hit its target.

Bliss tried to beg for mercy once again, but Rousey responded with a swift Rock Bottom right to the mat. After dropping to her knees, she tried to cover Bliss, but there was no referee to count The Goddesses’ shoulders down. Once Rousey realized that a count wouldn’t be made she again got up and started to try to get McMahon to count Bliss’s shoulders down.

At that same moment, Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle’s music hit, and The Olympic gold medalist ran down to the ring. Rousey got a smirk on her face and locked in a devastating armbar on Bliss for good measure. Bliss tried her best for a few seconds to work her way towards the rope, but she eventually tapped out and Angle declared Rousey the winner.

“Here’s your winner. Ronda Rousey”, The Announcers screamed to the entire arena. The crowd literally came unglued at this point and Rousey went to ringside to celebrate with fans. She posed for several pictures before going back into the ring to collect Bliss. Once Rousey was able to pick Bliss off the ground, she then carried her towards the backstage area 

As she made her way up the ramp, she was met with a barber chair being rolled out, which meant it was time for Bliss to finally get what was coming to her. The feeling was a cathartic one throughout the area while Rousey sat Bliss down in the chair and tied her down. Bliss was semi-conscious at this point and crying for help.

“My photoshoot my photoshoot,” Bliss exclaimed as she started kicking and screaming in the chair. “Please someone help me. Don’t let her do this to me please.” 

Rousey started laughing, knowing she had Bliss right where she wanted her. She was eventually handed a pair of scissors and an electric clipper to shave The Goddesses hair. Rousey stood there for a second to soak in the moment and the crowd’s rapid cheers at this point, but she then asked for the microphone.

“About that photoshoot,” Rousey said with a gleam of excitement in her eyes,” I thought it would be a great idea for the photographers to catch you in your natural habitat for the shoot, so I invited them to come to take pictures after the match. A crowd of paparazzi descended upon the ramp area and started snapping photos of a beaten and bloodied Bliss.

“Come on Bliss, show us your good side,” Rousey mocked as she began cutting huge chunks of Bliss’s hair off her head.  Bliss screamed bloody murder at this point and started struggling to try to hide her face. The move was fruitless however as the photographers seemed to have her covered at every conceivable angle.

“Please stop!” Bliss screamed again, hoping for some kind of mercy from Rousey.

Rousey continued to take chunk after chunk out of Bliss’s hair and held it right in front of Bliss’s face for good measure. Bliss then started to have more and more fun with Bliss by putting loose chunks of hair in Bliss’s mouth so the photographers could capture more humiliation.  Bliss was in full tantrum mode at this point and the fans were eating it up.

After removing a few more chunks with the clippers, Rousey got some scissors and started using that to remove the final strands of hair. “Come on Bliss. The camera loves you,” Rousey said again to mock the former champion. She then finished off the rest of The Goddesses’ hair, which left Bliss completely bald.

While cutting the last strands of hair off of Bliss’s scalp, Rousey was handed The Raw Women’s Championship, which gave her a great idea. She then got down on her knees on one side of the chair and motioned for a photographer to take a photo of them together. 

With a big grin on her face, she held up The Women’s title so the photographer could get a shot of Rousey, the belt, and a completely bald Alexa Bliss.