Seduced by my therapist

A young man named Chevy Daniels gets more than he bargains for as he meets his new seductive therapist, Mrs. Tremble.


My mind is racing as I sit in the waiting room of my soon-to-be therapist's office. Everyone else looks calm. Even disinterested in what’s going on to a point. Almost like they are all zombies. Maybe not all of them, but some of them have that empty look inside. Like someone had sucked their soul out at some point and replaced it with an empty vessel.

One patient looks at me long enough where I think about striking up a conversation. “How’s your morning going?” I ask earnestly trying to sound as interested as possible. “ok” the man responds still completely dead in the eyes. I wait a few seconds before trying again” Did you see the football game last night? Can’t believe Tampa Bay just won the Super Bowl”

“Yeah” Was the man’s only response.  He then went off looking in the other direction as if to say that he doesn't want to converse anymore. Of course, conversations were never my strong suit, which is part of the reason I'm here, but I didn’t think I was bad enough to the point where people would just look away so disinterested.

Another big problem I had was talking to girls. It’s not like I couldn’t converse with them at all, especially since many of my classmates in tv production were girls, but I would always have issues if it went past the surface level. Maybe that had to do with my OCD or my anxiety, but it was just so hard to have any kind of meaningful conversation with the opposite sex.

All my doctors have tried to help me with this, and my last two doctors, Ashley and Jessie came close to a breakthrough, but I had to move for work. That’s why I was going to see Mrs. Tremble, who was described on yelp as an expert on fruitful relationships and getting through to stubborn men.

however, I can’t say I'm exactly impressed with what I see so far. In fact, between most of these patients looking like zombies and Mrs. Tremble already being five minutes late, I was wondering if this was a good idea. Furthermore, I was wondering if they would just medicate me and I would end up like” the others.

My train of thought was instantly disrupted by a door opening on the other side of the room. A tall, petite dark-haired girl in a blue blouse, hiked up mini skirt and nine-inch heels appeared in the room. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Her glasses, which hung slightly on her tiny nose, denoted both a sense of intelligence and innocence.

I tried to look away to avoid staring as she walked up and spoke to a receptionist. Interestingly enough though, the whole waiting room came to life as she talked to her helper.  All the men in the room were suddenly full of life and waving hello to the therapist. Even some of the women were and everyone was more than eager to get her attention.

“Mr. Daniels?” she said in a quiet but calming voice. The patients all looked around in disappointment that their name wasn’t called. I stood up and nodded” Right here Mrs. Tremble” and I made my way to the office. As I passed by the other patients, they all shot me death glares in what I can only describe as a creepy moment.

I tried to keep eye contact with Mrs. Tremble but found myself sneaking peeks at her legs as we walked down the hallway. Not only were they perfectly tan, almost like she had spent all weekend at the beach, they were also toned in a way that showed this woman did not skip leg day. They looked shiny too, almost like she had put some kind of lotion on before our session.

Almost halfway down the hallway, I notice I'm not the only one looking as I see several other patients taking peaks at her butt and legs.  I silently admonish myself for being so sexist and try to get myself to understand that I'm here to learn how to conversate with women. Not treat them like objects to be ogled at when they feel like dressing up one day.

“You look nice today Mrs.” I find myself saying in an out-of-character moment and she turns around and fixates her blue eyes on me. “I know right? Aren’t you just the sweetest thing for noticing?” She then out of nowhere hugs me and I start to blush. She smells of a very sweet mixture of watermelon and mint, which I seem to take in for longer than I should.

“are you ok?” The next thing I know she is looking at me again with her blue eyes fixated on me. I notice the look of pure innocence and curiosity on her face. Almost like she is trying to determine something in her mind. “Yeah” I respond half out of breath” I was just taken off guard by the out of nowhere hug”

“Good. That means it’s working” she giggles before opening the door to her office and running in. I’m left to wonder what she means by that as I walk inside the room myself. When I get in and sit down, I notice she is already in her seat, legs crossed seductively with her foot bouncing up and down. I try not to notice as I sit down and try to act as normal as possible.

“Chevy”, she starts in a mother-like voice” I've read your file and it seems like you have a problem with talking and engaging in activities with women. Why do you think that is?” I take a deep breath and look nervously around the room. My thoughts are racing at this point as I struggle to come up with a coherent answer.

“I guess I just getting distracted by beauty”. She looks at me for a second. Her smile widening and she sits back in her chair. I almost feel like she is intentionally putting her legs on full display, but I can’t prove it. “That’s such a sweet answer ” she responds,” I think I know what your problem is however and how we can work on it.

I look into her eyes shocked and confused. Could the answer to my problematic past really be that easy to fix? Can something like this even be fixed in one session? My train of thought is once again derailed as she rubs some lotion on her legs for some reason. She seems to take as much time as possible rubbing it in what can only be described as hypnotic circles.

I snap out of it again just in time to remember what we were talking about. “Wh......what do you think my problem is? I try to maintain eye contact this time but find myself losing track of my thoughts again. Her legs are positively glowing at this and she crosses them again to make sure even more skin is exposed from the black mini skirt.

“You just need to learn your place.” This answer really shocked me and made me wonder what she was talking about when it comes to my place. She interrupts and starts with a line of questioning. “Don’t you wish you could just relax around women?” Just let it all go have the woman take control for once.

I honestly never thought about this and I was having serious doubts about where she was going with this. Do women really want a man that knows his place? Why would that even be? “What’s my place,” I ask in a timid voice. Desperately trying not to look at the legs she seemingly wants me to notice so bad.

“to serve women,” she says with a smile on her face. I am immediately shocked by this answer and jump up from my seat trembling. She gets up to and in a few short strides, has me backed up against the wall in her office. "Strong women scare you, and you just don’t know what to do when you encounter one, so you shut down like a scared little puppy”

I look away and try not to make eye contact again. She takes this opportunity to place the knee of her leg in between my crotch, which causes me to moan.” Look at me. I can set you free. I can give you what you have always wanted. You just got to do one tiny little thing for me sweetie and your world will open in ways you couldn’t imagine”

I groan with the leg still in my crotch. It’s honestly so soft and firm while my thoughts are racing between pulling her closer and trying to run away.” What........ What do I need to do Mrs. Tremble.” I say trying to keep a sense of confidence in my voice and wondering what kind of therapist this really is.

“Don't you enjoy that feeling Brian?” She says ignoring my question with one of her own.” Wouldn’t it be great to experience this pleasure all the time and even with other women?” I have a group of them that would love to have you as a plaything.” My breathing quickens while she continues to rub her leg between my crotch I keep trying to look away.

“All you have to do is submit to me sweetie and the whole world can open up to you in ways you could never imagine. She emphasizes her last sentence by kneeing me gently in the crotch and moving it up and down. I’m sweating at this point and not sure what to do next. She seems to have powerful energy about her, almost to where I'm debating whether to leave or hear her out.

“Women like submissive men Brian. Many of the women I talk to in here always tell me that a man doesn't have to be a man anymore. Did you know they prefer submissive men Brian? She wraps her arms around me at this point and leans in for a kiss. I try to keep moving my head, but she keeps trying to get our lips to meet. “Don't be afraid dear. It’s a part of the process.

“What process. I don’t understand.” I mutter between moan after moan. and am starting to feel very tired the more I listen to her voice. “It’s very simple,” Mrs. Tremble says after a few seconds of rubbing my crotch, “we must break you and make you more obedient to the opposite sex. You must realize that you exist to serve our sexual desires”

My mind can’t even focus at this point and she seems to pick up on it. almost immediately.  “Don’t fight it, . This is all a part of the process. Just relax and let me show you exactly what a woman wants out of her man in today’s age. I take one last moment of clarity to try to bolt for the door and reach it with relative ease, but I wasn’t expecting what happened next.

To my utter surprise, several of her female patients were standing outside the door and caught me immediately as I made my exit. “Why are you resisting,” one says. I try to shake her off me, but more of the girls keep grabbing me by the arms and pulling me back into her office while Mrs. Tremble looks on approvingly

The girls force me back into the chair and start to hold my arms and feet in place. Some start delicately kissing up my neck, making it harder to focus and one even proceeds to sit in my lap and lay delicate kisses on my lips. “See Chevy,” Mrs. Tremble says over the moans I'm trying to hold in” all you must do is submit and this can all be yours. Every single week.”

I choke back another moan. Why....... why are you doing this” I manage to scream between a few more moans? She just looks at me with a beguiling smirk on her face as she watches her patients have their way with me.

My breathing quickens by the minute. These ladies are laying what I can only describe as the most delicate of kisses on my prone body. Every single inch of me is tense with pleasure at this point. I can’t even think. So much of me just wants to give in, but I keep desperately trying to fight it as Mrs. Tremble looks on approvingly.

“Bring him to me,” she says in a confident tone. Her smile has spread through her whole face at this point. It’s obvious she has something planned and the other girls are more than willing to obey. I try to push away again when I get a moment of clarity, but the girls hit me with a barrage of slaps to the face and delicate kisses. I'm so confused and tired at this point that I crumble at Mrs. Tremble’s feet.

She quickly snaps her fingers as if I were a dog begging for a treat. Weirdly enough, I seemed to respond to it. I sat quietly for some reason that I couldn’t explain. It was almost as if she was gaining control” I was in and out at this point. The only thing I seemed to pay attention to was Mrs. Tremble.

She grabs the hair on my head and pulls me to her, so we are face to face. “Submit ” I look away again, trying to break her gaze. She pulls me back to her and smiles.” You know what we do to a disrespectful mutt right? I shake my head and prepare for the worst.

Mrs. Tremble smiles for a moment and lifts her skirt. Her sun-kissed legs are on full display at this point and I can't help being mesmerized by them.  They were more toned than I thought. Almost goddess-like. I couldn’t stop staring at this point and that seemed to be exactly what she wanted. “Like what you see little mutt?” I nodded unable to speak.

She started to move them in the most hypnotic motion I had ever seen. Her leg muscles flexed up and down, up and down in a soothing rhythm. She opened further and further like a Venus flytrap about to trap her prey. As I was sitting there watching the movement of her legs, she suddenly clamped down hard on my head, which trapped me between her legs.

I struggled for just a second until the smell of watermelon took over my entire body. As if that wasn’t enough her toned made me while. She then moved her hand to the back of my head and launched me further between her legs. The tanness was absolutely mesmerizing at this point

“Lick” was the only word that came out of her mouth. I fought the command for a moment, but the pleasure was starting to become overwhelming I felt myself slowly working my way between her inner thighs. I tried to stop myself, but it was just too comfortable between her legs. My cheeks brushing across her legs felt like velvet carpeting. It was so soft I found myself sneaking kisses on her inner thighs.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. Every bit of me was shaking at this point and with her guiding hand at the back of my head, I accepted my fate and stopped fighting as her legs wrapped around my neck. Not even struggling to breathe could stop me from what she was doing. It was just too much. I kept licking her legs and nuzzling against her like a whipped dog as the other girls watched their new toy.

 “Go to sleep puppy,” she says as she pushes me a little bit further. I try to suck in another breath, but struggle to find one. Her legs are pressed against my checks at this point and I know I'm going to pass out soon.

Finally, after a few more licks, her legs tighten in what I can only describe as the sexiest thing ever and I pass out as she laughs. The last thing I remember is collapsing to the floor while Mrs. Tremble looks over me with a smirk on her face.