Pedro Pascal Perfectly Shut Down Anti-LGBTQ+ "The Last Of Us" Questions — Here's What He Said

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HBO's The Last of Us is a record-breaking series that, unfortunately, has to defend its remarkable LGBTQ+ representation.

This time, it's the series' leading man, Pedro Pascal, who's shutting down LGBTQ+ haters — and we love him for the support.

In a recent video from TMZ, someone walks up to Pedro's car in West Hollywood and asks him a silly question about LGBTQ+ representation in TLOU, and Pedro is entirely over it.

“Can I ask: What do you say to the people who don’t want to see the LGBT character love stories?” they say.

When Pedro returns to his car, the paparazzi continues, “Why is it so important that LGBTQ+ characters are on TV shows?”

The Mandalorian actor confidently glances over and says, "I think you're asking the question because you know why it's so important."

And, of course, the paparazzi keeps going. "Can you tell me why?" they ask.

With one hand on his cellphone, unbothered, while sliding into the driver seat, Pedro looks up and says, "You should know why."

And, in case it's not clear where Pedro's support lies, he posted this photo on March 6 with the caption, "The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind. #LGBTQIA"

And his TLOU costar Bella Ramsey responded in solidarity.

Here's the thing: Queer representation is not a trend or a marketing tactic. For many of us, it's part of our humanity. Finally, we get to see people like us played by queer actors and LGBTQ+ allies instead of our representation being censored, hidden, or used as a plot device for villains and monsters.

The characters in the post-apocalyptic, fungus zombie–infested world of The Last of Us have bigger things to worry about than being unnecessarily hateful and telling people who they can and can't love.

Thank you for speaking up, Pedro Pascal.

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