Last Night's "Vanderpump Rules" Episode Was Wild In Light Of The Tom Sandoval And Raquel Leviss Cheating Scandal

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Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 5 aired on Bravo on Wednesday night, and everyone was paying attention given the Scandoval that broke last weekend.

The cast of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Season 10


Last week, it was discovered that cast members Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss have been having an affair for the past six months, which means Tom has been cheating on VPR’s Ariana Madix, his girlfriend of nearly a decade. The internet has been ablaze with commentary, memes, opinions, updates, and general shock and awe over this moment in Vanderpump Rules history and arguably what might be considered the biggest scandal in Bravo history.

Here’s everything important that went down in the show’s most recent episode:

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Ariana and Raquel go bathing suit shopping together ahead of a girls trip to Las Vegas where they discuss Raquel telling Katie she asked Schwartz to make out. “I was, like, am I about to be mad at Raquel for the first time?” Ariana asked.

“We’ve been encouraging Raquel, ‘Get out there, make mistakes. Go crazy,’” Ariana says in her interview. “But then when she says that she asked Schwartz to make out with her it’s, like, ‘But not like that.’”

Ariana discussing her conversation with Raquel


Raquel told Ariana about her conversation with Katie, “For a moment I felt like it was unfair for Katie to determine who Schwartz can hang out with or make out with, but after seeing the way she responded last night, I felt really, really bad.”

Raquel talking to Ariana about her conversation with Katie


“Katie and I were never close as friends because she had beef with James and she didn’t come to my puppy party,” Raquel says in her interview. “Also it’s difficult to know what she’s really thinking and what she’s really feeling because she has a good poker face.”

Scheana said she took Katie off the list for her and Brock’s upcoming wedding in Mexico because Katie said she won’t be coming as a result of Scheana’s pushing Raquel and Schwartz together.

Scheana FaceTiming on her phone


While on a hike, Katie opens up to Charli about her frustrations with Scheana encouraging Raquel to make out with Schwartz. Katie defends Raquel saying, “We’re just becoming friends and I really like Raquel so it’s like, I’m giving her an opportunity to prove this isn’t indicative of who she is.”

Katie and Charli sitting down after a hike


James and his girlfriend Ally go out to lunch with James’ mom Jacqueline, who drags Raquel for meeting James while he was DJing at Sur.

James and Ally sitting down to lunch at a restaurant


“A family member didn’t drag you to Pump to meet a DJ,” Jacqueline said to Ally, although in her interview Ally says she met James because her friend made her go see James DJ at a venue called The Canyon in Agoura Hills, Los Angeles. Jacqueline also confronts James about his drinking again after being sober for years.

Lisa and Ken visit Schwartz & Sandy’s and tell the Toms they’re willing to financially help them if they want to buy their other partner out of the restaurant and have full control of when the lounge opens.


“I’m here because Ken and I want to help you guys, if you want,” Lisa said. “You can have your investment [from Tom Tom] back and we will still give you the option to buy back into Tom Tom within a year. If you become desperate and you need to buy him out or whatever, the money’s there.”

When Ariana is packing for the girls trip to Las Vegas, she asks Tom to pick up her dog Charlotte’s medication while she’s away because Charlotte was having seizures the night before. Tom gives her a hard time and asks Ariana, “Why don’t we just do it now?”


“Oh, so I can do it?” she asks, annoyed that he won’t be helpful. 

Katie continues to debrief people on the Raquel/Schwartz/Scheana situation, this time to her friend Kristina, but Kristina points the finger at Raquel, not Scheana. “I feel like I’m the only one who isn't falling for Raquel’s sweet, innocent act. People are walking around treating her like a little baby but that’s like an insult to babies,” Kristina says.

Kristina holding her head in her hands while talking to Katie


Lala goes to Raquel’s apartment and they discuss Lala’s break up with Randall as well as the possibility of hooking up with people in Las Vegas. “Hopefully there's enough men to go around because I feel like it’s such slim pickings these days,” Raquel says to Lala.

Raquel and Lala talking and sitting on Raquel's couch


“It is, but I don’t think we have the same taste in men,” Lala responds. We also learn that at this point in time, Lala hasn’t had sex since she conceived Ocean in 2020.

Ariana and Raquel sit next to each other on the plane to Las Vegas and cheers into the camera, saying, “Vegas baby!”

Raquel and Ariana sitting next to each other on an airplane


James and his girlfriend get massages and continue to talk about his sobriety and drinking problem.

James sitting in a spa and talking to his girlfriend Ally


Soon after arriving in Vegas, Ariana has to leave the girls trip because her dog Charlotte is still having seizures and not getting any better. Tom picks up Ariana from the airport and they go directly to the veterinarian’s office.

Ariana crying in a hotel room next to her girlfriends


“We obviously knew this day was coming but now that it’s here I’m concerned about how this is gonna affect Ariana,” Tom says. “I just need to be there for her in any way I can. She’s my girl.”

Tom Sandoval and Ariana walking in a parking lot with their arms around each other


Katie, Katie’s mom Teri, Lala, Raquel, Kristina, and Lisa all go out to dinner at Vanderpump Paris and meet Oliver. Oliver is a waiter at the restaurant and is the son of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Garcelle.

The women on the girls trip in Las Vegas sitting down to dinner at Vanderpump Paris


Raquel asks Schwartz to make out comes up during dinner and she has to explain the whole thing to Lisa. “Basically, Scheana put the idea in my head but I originally said no, and then, like, the idea just kind of, like, stayed there,” she said.

Raquel sipping her elaborate cocktail


“Come on, you’ve got to take some responsibility in that,” Lisa says to Raquel. “You were actually thinking that might be a good idea.”

Lisa Vanderpump sitting down to dinner at Vanderpump Paris


“I do, I do. And I told Katie straight up, like, I asked Schwartz if he wanted to make out,” Raquel answers.

Katie explains in her interview, “I don’t wear my pain or grief or sadness on my face 24/7 but what I’m going through is fucking really hard, I don’t think Raquel’s fully got it. Tom’s not just some dude I dated, he was our family. So if she’s gotta hear it from my mom, then she’s gotta hear it from my mom.”

Katie sitting in her confessional interview


After dinner, the girls head to a nightclub. Lala and Raquel both express interest in Oliver all night and they eventually have an exchange in which Lala encourages Raquel to make out with him, which is exactly what ends up happening.

Lala, Raquel, and Oliver sitting next to each other on a couch at a nightclub


“It is strange to me though, Raquel had zero interest in Oliver until I said, ‘Damn, he kind of fine.’ Now all of a sudden, she’s treating this like a pageant and is in competition mode with me,” Lala says.

Lala and Raquel having a conversation at a nightclub


“I don’t really give two fucks who Raquel is making out with, who she’s putting in her mouth, doesn’t matter to me. But let’s be real, if this were a competition I would’ve won.”

Needless to say, watching this through the lens of the recent VPR news is…enlightening! Best of all is the moment in a scene for next week’s episode when the girls are still in Vegas and Lala says to Raquel in front of Katie and Kristina, “I will say this: You, drinking, I would never trust you around my man.”

Lala laying in bed in her pajamas next to Kristina


Raquel responds, “Thank God you don’t have a man to have around.”

Raquel sitting across from Lala in bed, holding her hand in the air


Flabbergasted by Raquel's response, Kristina says, “Oh my god, Raquel." Katie holds her head in her hands and says, “What?”

Lala, Kristina, and Katie laying in bed in their Las Vegas hotel room, making facial expressions in response to Raquel's statement


Stay tuned for next week...

Raquel sitting at dinner at Vanderpump Paris smiling with her mouth open


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