"I Couldn't Even Finish My Ice Cream, It Melted Because I Was Bawling On The Couch" – 31 Movies That No One Thought Would Be So Damn Heartbreaking

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"I had tears pouring down my face. He was slightly concerned about me and how the date was going."

We all occasionally get caught off-guard by a movie that we think may be scary, funny, or just a classic rom-com that turns out to hit us right in the feels.


Well, recently people were sharing films that unexpectedly got them sobbing, and it turns out a LOT of people wanted to have their say. So here are 31 more movies that surprisingly got people weeping:

1. Deadpool

20th Century Studios

"I ugly-cry when I watch Deadpool. I have been in that meeting about options for something terminal before. It especially gets me when he talks about how it affects everyone around you. 

Then in the second one, when he is trying to get back to Vanessa and blows himself up, Colossus takes him to the mansion, or when AL is talking to him about the pain... I ugly-cry badly at that."


2. Yesterday

Universal Pictures

"Near the end had me damn near sobbing in the theatre. A couple of older ladies actually asked if I was okay when the lights came up because I was still crying as we were leaving the theatre… Great movie tho."


3. A.I: Artificial Intelligence

DreamWorks Pictures

"The little kid getting thrown away by his mom, then spending centuries waiting for her to return and love him."


4. Boyz N the Hood

Columbia Pictures

5. Avengers: Infinity War

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I was sitting on my own for the snap scene in an Avengers movie and the sweet little girl next to me was in a terrible state. I asked her if she was alright and she sobbed 'No!' – I was crying too."


"Peter's death in Infinity War... I can't watch that movie ever again."


6. Star Wars: The Revenge Of The Sith

20th Century Fox

"By the end of the film, Padmé's lost everything. I sat at my kitchen table and sobbed over her amazing character the minute that movie ended."


7. Moulin Rouge!

20th Century Fox

"The first time I saw Ewan MacGregor’s grief at the end, his whaling cry absolutely destroyed me. Now, whenever I watch it I literally start crying from that opening line ‘the woman I love is dead’ just because I know what’s coming."


8. 500 days of summer

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"I thought it'd be just a silly rom-com to help me with a bad breakup I was going through but then at the end when he meets Autumn, it totally got me. I UGLY cried – my parents got worried because they heard it coming from my room."


9. Hunger Games: Catching Fire


"I cried during the speech about Rue at the start, idk why it's so sad."


10. Terms of Endearment

Paramount Pictures

"This will age me. I was dating my future wife. Had no idea what it was about and really don't remember why we went. I held it together until the scene where Debra Winger is tells her son that he doesn't have to say it, she knows he loves her and she wants him to know that she knows so he never has to worry. I lost my shit. I mean, bad."


11. Click

Sony Pictures Releasing

"I unexpectedly cried when he realised he had fast-forwarded through his life and rewatched his last moment with his dad before he died. I have a close relationship with my parents and if I knew that my last moment was being a douche I’d regret it for the rest of my life."


12. CODA

Apple TV+

"I remember crying so much during the audition scene. Such an amazing film and I recommend it to everyone!"


13. Train to Busan

Next Entertainment World

"I couldn't even finish my ice cream. It melted because I was bawling on the couch. My husband came down, saw me and was like 'why tf are you crying for a zombie movie?!'"


14. Everything Everywhere All at Once


"That film made me cry long after it was over."


"I loved it, but never ever again. I cried from 45 minutes on until the end of the movie."


15. A League of Their Own

Columbia Pictures

"Specifically when Jon Lovitz's character isn't going to take Marla to try out for the league. That whole scene breaks my heart."


16. The Sixth Sense

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

"I cried all the way through. I felt so sorry for this young boy who has all these terrifying UNEXPECTED things happening to him with no understanding as to why. It broke my heart."


17. Lion

Transmission Films

"I expected a feel-good sort of story but the ending was so emotional and knowing it was a true story.... had me (a non-movie-crier) and literally the entire theatre loudly ugly-crying."


18. 5 Feet Apart


"I was expecting maybe a few minor sad things thrown into this YA romance and friendship story, but by the end, I was full-on sobbing."


19. Dog

United Artists Releasing

"I was NOT expecting it to be that tough. It was framed as a lighthearted man and beast movie but the man did NAIL PTSD from war. The movie destroyed me. I ugly cried."


20. Avatar: Way of Water

20th Century Studios

21. The Last of the Mohicans

20th Century Fox

"I was on a first date with my future husband and we saw that movie. I had seen the Masterpiece Theater version when I was a kid and right before that scene started I remembered what happened and I had tears pouring down my face. He was slightly concerned about me and how the date was going."


22. Wakanda Forever

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"I knew it would be sad but I was stifling sobs throughout the movie."


23. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Focus Features

"Anyone else remember how it was marketed as a comedy? Patton Oswalt is like half of the trailer, even though he's only in the movie for five minutes or so. So yeah, went in expecting a comedy and was utterly DESTROYED by the last 10 minutes."


24. Hocus Pocus

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

"I watched it for the first time as an adult and the end DESTROYED me for some reason, I was ugly sobbing, absolutely beside myself. As it was happening I was like 'pull it together' but couldn't."


25. La La Land


"It’s a musical about trying to make it in Hollywood, right? Emma Stone tap dancing in a yellow dress with Ryan Gosling. That ending had me bawling in the theatre."


26. Clerks

Miramax Films

"The level of sadness that happened was definitely not expected... I don't think there was more than a 20 min period when I wasn't tearing up."


27. The Finest Hours

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

28. Armageddon

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

"When Harry is telling Grace he won't be coming home, then she just says 'daddy no' and touches the screen as it fades to static."


29. Pay it Forward

Warner Bro. Pictures

"The end with all the people and the candles. Seen it at least 50 times and sob hard still."


30. Odd Thomas

Fusion Films

"The ending was so unexpected for me and I couldn’t believe it. I still cry every time I watch it, even though I know what happens."


31. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Yes, I'm a sucker for animals, however, it made me absolutely lose it. It had me bawling at home for over half an hour!"


When has a movie caught you off-guard and had you welling up? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor's note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. 

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