California English teacher claims exposing kids to drag no different than teaching Shakespeare

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A California English high school teacher – whose classroom sexually explicit materials previously led to a district-wide investigation – said that there was no difference between teaching kids Shakespeare plays and introducing them to drag, Fox News Digital is first reporting. 

The English teacher works at San Juan Hills High in the Capistrano School District, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The teacher is known as "Flint" and was identified on the school's website with the name Danielle Serio. 

On March 7, Flint said, "The same people who usually scream themselves purple about keeping queerness out of the classroom and the inherent harmful nature of drag are usually the first to tell me that I should stick to teaching the classics in my own English class like Shakespeare. So let's check. Of his almost 40 surviving plays, one in five have drag as central to the plot," she said. "It's almost like these people might not be the best stewards of education."


Flint says there's no difference between drag and Shakespeare. 

Flint says there's no difference between drag and Shakespeare.  (Getty | Fox News Digital )

Flint included extremely sexually explicit books in a "queer classroom library," which covered topics such as orgies, BDSM and a kink social media networking site. She later claimed the classroom books aided with kids' identity development. 

"People get really mad about my queer library. I have like 200 titles that are specific to the LGBT community that I've been curating for over eight years. Don't get me wrong, my students love that library. It has been very helpful for many students figuring out who they are, how to relate to their peers," the public school teacher said. 

A book previously in the classroom library, "Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans…," discussed BDSM, fetishes and a kink social media networking site. 

Teacher 'Flint' brags about ‘queer library’ on TikTok

Teacher 'Flint' brags about ‘queer library’ on TikTok (Screenshot/TikTok)

"I find the BDSM/kink community to be extremely open-minded and welcoming in every way; it's a place of sexual liberation," the book stated. "There is often more blanket level of acceptance of transgender people within the kink/BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism) scenes and sites such as FetLife."


FetLife is a social media networking site for the "kink community."

Flint responded to the perception of why there was criticism over the classroom content, stating, "It's really fascinating to encounter people who are upset that I'm a transgender teacher because they almost all seem to think that I'm going rogue during the school day and recruiting kids to be trans when really I'm an English and film teacher."

Flint discusses being gendered correctly by students. 

Flint discusses being gendered correctly by students.  (Screenshot/TikTok | iStock)

Another book in Flint's library called "This Book is Gay" discussed the 18+ hookup app, "Grindr."

"We all want to have sex with loads of people," the book states. "[T]he prostate gland… feels amazing when massaged. Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels."

"Let's talk about dildos: I think a lot of people assume that where there is no penis, a desperate sexual void is created, out of which something [bleep] shaped must ultimately slot in order to satisfy," the book continued. "I've only every slept with two women who enjoyed using dildos. I hate wearing a strap-on. I've only every done it once and NEVER AGAIN!"

It also included information on sex parties and orgies. 

Flint discusses "queer classroom library" with the Principal at San Juan Hills High, Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar. 

Flint discusses "queer classroom library" with the Principal at San Juan Hills High, Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar.  (TikTok/Screenshot)

"Saunas, or 'bath houses,' are dotted all over the country, and they are perfectly legal. People (many saunas run lesbian nights) pay some money to enter and then have a bit of a sauna and some random sex. Again, this is fine as long as you're safe."

When a TikTok user asked why "queer library" books are not in general circulation in the school," Flint said, "The library has some of these titles but getting them ‘into circulation’ is pretty challenging."

At one point Flint interviewed the high school principal, Dr. Manoj Mahindrakar, who indicated that he supported the library. 

Flint asked Mahindrakar whether he thought "it's important to have a queer library on campus," and he said, "In my educational experience, books are always a good thing and any books that support our students, I'm for."


Flint, in another video, questioned why parents have a hard time trusting educators. 

"I've been wondering lately why it's so hard for so many people in the general public to trust educators about education – the thing that we studied and do every day. It's been so long since they were in school, I'm wondering if they have extreme or outdated views about what's happening in the classroom," Flint said. 

The district told Fox News Digital in December that they launched a district-wide review of classroom library books following the expose on Flint's materials. 

Hannah Grossman is an Associate Editor at Fox News Digital.

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