A Protester Holding A Rainbow Flag And Wearing A T-Shirt That Said "Save Ukraine" And "Respect For Iranian Women" Ran Onto The Field During A World Cup Match

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A protester holding a rainbow peace flag and wearing a blue Superman T-shirt that said "Save Ukraine" and "Respect for Iranian Women" ran onto the field during a World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay on Monday.

Security officials quickly chased the protester, and the person was escorted off the pitch, according to the Associated Press. It is not clear whether the person was detained by police or if they're facing any charges.

Monday's interruption comes after team captains from seven European countries had planned to wear the "One Love" pride armbands to oppose the discrimination of LGBTQ people in Qatar, which punishes homosexual acts with the death penalty. But the teams abandoned the plans after FIFA threatened to punish the players by giving them automatic yellow cards if they wore the armband.

Then, last week, German players assembled on the pitch before their game against Japan and covered their mouths in an act of protest against FIFA's decision on the pride armbands.

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