26 cheap Amazon swimsuits we tried (and actually loved)

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Swimsuits are one of those things where you’re either a person who drops $100 on an adorable suit you’re counting on wearing for the next few years or someone who gladly buys $20 suits that are…OK, we guess? But what about a cheap swimsuit that is high quality, actually cute and won’t disintegrate when you first wear it?

Amazon, naturally, has a ton of options for inexpensive, hugely popular (we’re talking tens of thousands of reviews, people) swimsuits that shoppers swear by. But given how untrustworthy Amazon reviews can be, we decided to test these swimsuits on our own. Did they all hold up? No. But the ones below definitely did.

This is an incredibly affordable bikini that is both trendy and flattering. While the material felt cheaper than the swimwear I usually buy, especially the padding, it was a comfortable bikini once I had it on. There is definitely a reason this is rated so highly among people with all body types. Having a pear-shaped body, I usually must buy separates because I need to order a size up on the bottoms, but a size 4-6 fit me well. Overall, this is a great option if you’re looking to save money. — Lindsey Smith, associate editor

Two words: tummy control! The ruching in the center of this Cupshe one-piece is convenient for people like me who, on some beach days, simply just want a little extra compression in that area. Overall, the suit is flattering and the quality is so good, that I truly can’t even believe it’s only $30. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

These shorts are a good, quick option if you need a pair to throw on every once in a while. I love the pockets and they look decent, however, the material isn't stretchy and the cut is a little more restrictive than I'd like at the thighs. The inner mesh isn't as uncomfortable as some trunks I've worn, but I wouldn't want to sit in a kayak in these for more than a few hours. Overall, these are a good pair of shorts if you need a swimsuit in a pinch, just don't expect them to last season after season. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

This bikini is a great balance between style, functionality, coverage and a little sexiness. The fabric is double-layered, which means no sheerness and some added support, which I love. The one-shoulder cut is super cute, along with the side tie detail. The bottoms have a flattering high-waist cut but are a little cheeky, too. One thing to note — the bottoms hit below the belly button (which is accurate to the product pictures), so they won’t fit exactly at the waistline, if that’s what you’re looking for. Also, the top runs a little tight, so those with a larger cup size may want to size up. Overall, I’m impressed with the quality of the construction and material and I’m super excited to bring this suit with me on vacation! — Sophie Shaw, associate beauty editor

The Amazon Essentials swim trunk is good for the price, but just okay in the grand scheme of men’s swimwear. The 7-inch inseam is the perfect compromise for those who don’t love the overly long and baggy look for a suit, but don’t want to show too much above the knee. But that’s the high point. While the material is light and comfortable against the skin, it definitely feels cheaper compared to suits that are a hair more expensive — so this is more suited for those looking for a last-minute, I’m-not-going-to-wear-this-much option, as quality seems to be a bit lacking. And the print blends too much into the background, moreso in person than it appears to on Amazon. — Scott Simone, deputy editor

I’ve heard great things about Cupshe and after trying one of their suits for myself, I can confirm that the rumors are true! The material is so thick and soft and the padding and adjustable straps in the back really cinch and flatter you in all of the right places. I like it so much that I picked it up in a couple other colors! — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

I love swim trunks that I can also wear as regular shorts, and this understated Kanu Surf pair absolutely checks that box. The stretchy polyester material felt immediately comfortable and just snug enough to fit securely, and the cargo pockets feature plenty of room for my everyday carry. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

This year, I’m starting to slowly phase out my bikinis, and finding an age-appropriate one-piece that doesn’t make me look like I’m stuffed in a sausage casing has been tough. I especially like this Rxrxcoco bathing suit because its ruching falls in the perfect places to better enhance my torso (and hide that unsightly flat tire that may be visible when I’m sitting down). It also has adjustable straps to fit the bust area and comes in five sizes: small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. I originally ordered a large because my bra size is a 34 DD, but it was huge on me, so I had to get the medium instead, which ended up being a perfect fit. I didn’t love the perfectly round bra pads, which, especially when the bathing suit was wet, were super obvious, but you can take them out if it bothers you. All in all, for under $50 and with all the different color choices, I would recommend this bathing suit for all kinds of body types. — Tobey Grumet, reviews editor

This Hodo swimsuit is so comfy, and I love the colors. The interior lining is nonabrasive, making it great for long periods of swimming, and the length is perfect for someone who prefers longer trunks (see: me). I can't wait to wear these through all of spring and summer.  — Daniel Toy, copy editor

I ordered the Pink Queen Bikini Set and absolutely loved it. The swimsuit looks just like the photos online and the material was thick, quality, and strong-feeling. With such a light-colored top, I worry that swimsuits will appear see-through against my skin tone, but this one had bra padding and was layered and thick enough so that even the cream color did not show my skin. I found the bottoms to be true to size based on the sizing chart but did find that the bandeau top was a little bigger than my frame. However, the adjustable straps came in handy and were so convenient when I wanted to make the top fit better or just take the straps off completely. I loved the block colors and all the different color options and think it’s safe to say this swimsuit style will be added to my summer capsule wardrobe. — Madison Yerke, social strategist

I often feel like my swimsuits never fit my right, with too much room in the thigh and not enough room in the netting, but these gave just enough room in both departments. I ordered the green with a black waistband, which gave the shorts a sporty look and accentuated the color. Plus, the zippered pockets came in handy. I wore them to a spa recently and was assured my locker key wasn’t going to sink to the bottom of the hot tub. — Daniel Rathburn, associate programming editor

I feel super snatched in this one-piece that sucks you in, accentuates your curves and feels really secure. I found that the halter neck paired with the square neckline is incredibly flattering and gives this suit a feminine touch as compared to other one-piece options on the market. There are so many colors to choose from, too. — Kiana Murden, former associate lifestyle editor

I liked the design of this pair of Maamgic trunks. I typically only wear very simple or solid-color bottoms, but this pair felt like just the right amount of fun. The netting and fit were on the looser side, but they sat a little lower on my thigh than I usually wear. Believe it or not, the biggest downfall of this suit was the side pockets: I could barely fit my hands into them, much less a phone. — Daniel Rathburn, associate programming editor

I can't say enough good things about this suit, which I've had for over a year now. Finding a bikini that properly fits my larger chest (I’m a 32H) is one of my life’s biggest struggles, but because of the billowing fabric, the top miraculously covers and fits everything. I got a medium in both the top and bottom and I never once worry about popping out. It's completely family-friendly. I'm at the point now that when I want a truly comfortable bikini, this is the one I always reach for. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

I was initially super excited to try this suit because it has SO many positive reviews of women claiming it “fits like a glove” and is “the highest-quality swimsuit on Amazon” — but since swimsuits aren’t a one-size-fits-all, you never really know, especially when it comes to Amazon. However, I can confirm it’s worth the hype and more! I ordered this suit on a Monday, and it was delivered to my doorstep on a Tuesday morning (gotta love Prime!). It indeed fits true to size and the high-waisted bottoms really suck everything in and offer so much coverage. The top comes with padding, adjustable straps AND ties that you can maneuver to make the top a little extra cheeky, if that’s your vibe. And if you haven’t already added this suit to your cart, it comes in more than 20 different colorways and patterns too. — Stephanie Griffin, social lead

Swimsuits with skirts can either look matronly or costume-y, and I’m elated to say that this one is neither. With horizontal stripes across the bust and a black skirt with matching shorts underneath, this is one of those swimsuits that you can feel completely comfortable going to the beach in and then maybe even a sandwich shop or grocery store afterward (well, if you’re already in Florida like I was). The silhouette hugs your curves and covers your hips and is an excellent choice if you’re looking to be more modest for any reason at all. The quality is top-notch too, with the white stripes never becoming see-through when wet. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

These were definitely my favorite pair of trunks, featuring a stylish 7-inch inseam. They’ve got three pockets (two on the side, one on the back) and have a fine mesh lining, which made them feel much more comfortable than the other two swimsuits I tried. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

I’ve seen this suit all over my Instagram and I know why. At just $33, this suit is a steal. It looks similar in design to bathing suits that cost over $100. It fits true to size and was comfortable. The back has as much coverage as the front of the suit, so you can feel secure and comfortable all day. This is a plus for larger-chested people! I ordered the orange/white version, and luckily the white top wasn’t see-through at all even when it got wet. Two of my friends already ordered this suit after spending a day with me wearing it! — Rosanne Salvatore, former deputy editor

A one-piece that’s deceptively sexy? Count us in. With multi-band accents across the shoulders and waist, with mesh running between each of the bands, this was one of the most comfortable swimsuits I tried. It also ran a bit big, so be sure to make sure you’re sizing one size down on this one. Overall it made me feel like a Bond girl, which is something I never thought a $20 swimsuit could do. The only problem I ran into was being a little afraid that it was going to leave weird-looking tan/sunburn lines all around my body, but luckily I always wore enough sunscreen so that wasn’t a problem. — Rachel Lubitz, lifestyle editor

There’s something so simplistic about a bandeau bikini. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option you can get shipped to you quickly, I’d definitely recommend this one. The top feels supportive, a necessity for a strapless bikini, and the bottoms are high-waisted and aren’t super cheeky — although they do sit below the belly button. My one con is that I ordered the navy blue color, which is more of a deep teal shade in person, but I’d still reach for this on my next pool day. — Kiana Murden, former associate lifestyle editor

These trunks come in more than 40 colors, some less attractive than others. I went over the top with the Fiji Coral design, but besides their bold look, this swimsuit is a solid choice for your next trip to the beach. Featuring two large pockets, a cargo pocket on the right leg and an additional tiny internal pocket (really only big enough for one key), there are plenty of options to keep your essentials while you go from the car to the water. The fit was perfect around the waist, but the legs are a little long for my taste with an 11-inch inseam. The internal mesh lining also felt a little tighter than I would’ve liked, but it definitely wasn’t a deal breaker. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Speaking of Bond girl, this one gives you that bombshell feel too. Its bustline was a little lower than expected on me, so I had some cleavage showing, but once I properly adjusted the bands I was much more comfortable. The bottoms were pleasantly not-too-high-cut too, so I didn’t feel too va-va-voom for the neighborhood pool. Overall it gave me a lovely shape and was so incredibly comfortable to wear for a few hours, plus the sweet tropical print was a nice touch. The quality stood up after washing as well! — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

This suit is honestly exactly as advertised. It’s definitely a more risqué cut for a swimsuit in that it’s backless, shows sideboob and is high-cut on your legs. It runs true to size and the large fit me well, was comfortable and even had enough coverage for larger boobs. The suit held up in the wash. If you’re looking for a modern yet classic one-piece suit, this is the one for you. — Rosanne Salvatore, former deputy editor

I’d definitely say this suit was exactly what I expected, especially for only $25. I love the army green color, and the suit feels pretty secure, which is huge. The bottoms are pretty high-waisted, so it gives a great amount of coverage if you’re looking for a bikini that doesn’t show too much. — Kiana Murden, former associate lifestyle editor

A little bit shorter than the Kanu trunks, these 9-inch shorts from Amazon Essentials were also super stylish and fit great. This pair also comes with two side pockets, a tiny key pocket and a back pocket. The texture of the suit itself feels a bit more matte than the traditional swimsuit material, making them seem a bit more like board shorts. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

This is one of those suits where if your body isn’t the same size on both top and bottom you could run into some issues. Though the bottoms fit perfectly on me, the medium-sized top didn’t fit my chest that well and left me spilling out more than I like. However, if you aren’t particularly busty I’m sure it’d be fine actually, given that the halter is completely adjustable and there are two straps in the back, one of which you tie yourself, which makes it feel extra secure. It’s actually a shame this one didn’t fit me, since the quality itself seemed great, and it held up perfectly after a few washings and a spin in the pool. — Rachel Lubitz, senior lifestyle editor

Note: The prices above reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication.

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