19 Times Shefali Shah Proved That We Didn't Deserve Her

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1. When she called out ageism in the film industry and was brutally honest about what actresses go through after attaining a certain age.

2. And she totally hit the nail on the head.

3. When she reminded us that disrespect shouldn't have a place in a relationship — something that women often tend to not realise.

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4. And perfectly summed up the concept of marriage in this day and age.

5. When she had no inhibitions about asking for work.

6. When she illustrated what absolute professionalism looks like.

7. And enthusiastically expressed her passion for her profession that many of us only wish we had.

8. And, to that end, Shefali, can you please make this happen?

Hear me out. A rom com where two teenage best friends set up their respective single parents SRK and Shefali Shah 🥳 SRK hasn't dated in 20 years and he's still looking to recreate a 90s stereotypical romance and Shefali Shah is a virgo who is utterly unaffected by his charms.

10:14 AM - 04 Jan 2023

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9. It is perhaps this passion of hers that translates on screen because of which Shefali is an absolute treat to watch, every single time!

10. Because, let's admit it — we can't stop admiring Shefali for having the most amazing filmography that one could only dream of, and for standing out in each of these projects.

11. We also love her for being a kickass entrepreneur at the same time.

12. AND for being a supremely talented artist!

13. Despite being a huge celebrity, she is relatable AF and always keeps it real.

14. And we love a self-aware queen who makes us all feel seen.

15. And one who never fails to make us proud.

I've said it once and I'll say it again because they absolutely deserve it! Congratulations to the #DelhiCrime team! Nice to finally see more of our people get international recognition. @ShefaliShah_ #WelcomeToHollywood

10:29 AM - 06 Dec 2020

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This was when Delhi Crime won an International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series in 2020.

16. Despite all this success, Shefali has proved that she can be the epitome of humility.

17. While also looking like an absolute Goddess who makes us mere mortals question our very existence.

18. I mean...that smile and those eyes could thaw even the coldest of hearts.

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