18 Adult Jokes That You Never Caught In Kids Shows And Movies

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I'm just shocked that I didn't understand that Drake and Josh's parents were getting freaky while watching the Animal Channel.

I've got news for everyone: No matter how mature or smart we thought we were while growing up, our sweet and innocent childhood minds missed SO MANY JOKES.

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So here's a big welcome to adulthood because these are those jokes that went right over our heads:

1. When Lightning McQueen literally got flashed in Cars:

Two cars flash their headlights at Lightning McQueen in a suggestive way in the movie Cars

Pixar / youtube.com

Movie: Cars

Explanation (for our kid brains): The twins are the lovable groupies of Lightning McQueen and they flashed him in both senses of the word. Also, I just realized that Mia and Tia are named after the model car they both are: the Miata!

2. When the mom and dad from Drake & Josh were way freakier than I remember:

Nickelodeon / youtube.com

Show: Drake & Josh

Explanation (for our kid brains): This one is so blatant but definitely went over my head as a kid!!! But yeah, seems like they're definitely getting turned on by watching animals have sex.

3. When The Cat in The Cat in the Hat was way more interested in the mom than the safety of those kids:

The Cat's hat stands tall when he sees a picture of an attractive woman in the Cat in the Hat

DreamWorks / youtube.com

Movie: The Cat in the Hat

Explanation (for our kid brains): The really messed up thing that this joke establishes is that, um, if you look at the difference in the Cat's hat before and after he's seen the photo, he definitely has gotten a little...excited.

4. In Zootopia, when Officer Judy Hopps puts Nick in his place with a line that even the adults in the audience had to think twice about:

Judy Hopps from Zootopia says rabbits are good at multiplying

Disney / youtube.com

Movie: Zootopia

Explanation (for our kid brains): Um, rabbits are really good at mating and multiplying.

5. When The Simpson's introduced Sneed's Feed & Seed (formerly Chuck's) and it went over some people's heads...especially mine:

A sign for Sneed's Feed & Seed in The Simpsons

Fox / Via youtube.com

Show: The Simpsons

Explanation (for our kid brains): All three of the words end in "eed," implying that the same pattern would apply when the store was named "Chuck's." So, if the first letters stay the same, it'd be "Chuck's Fuck & Suck." While it's impossible to know how many people got the joke when it aired (the sign is only briefly visible), it took a year after the episode's premiere for anyone to mention it online.

6. When Dewey Finn chose his words extremely poorly in School of Rock:

Jack Black's characters says "I'm not a licensed teacher, but I have been touched by your kids and I'm pretty sure I've touched them too"

Paramount pictures

Movie: School of Rock

Explanation (for our kid brains): I watched this movie a lot as a kid and never got why all the parents in the room freak out. After all, Dewey really did have a positive impact on those kids. How innocent and dumb I was, because now I would never let a kid near a fake teacher who said that, even if it was Jack Black.

7. When Kronk pitched a tent in The Emperor's New Groove:

Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove sleeps with a tent over his lap

Disney / youtube.com

Movie: The Emperor's New Groove

Explanation (for our kid brains): This is one of the best types of dirty jokes in innocent movies, because I still thought it was funny when I didn't know that "pitching a tent" was slang for an erection. The idea that he packed a little tent just for his legs while Yzma got a lavish setup was already funny to me!

8. When Monsieur Hood was one frisky Frenchman in Shrek:

Robin Hood and his merry men almost say that Robin Hood likes to get laid but say paid instead

DreamWorks / youtube.com

Movie: Shrek

Explanation (for our kid brains): This guy pops in and out of Shrek faster than you can say "Donkey!" But he's got a great, toe-tapping song and he definitely was singing about getting laid.

9. When Buzz Lightyear had a really hard time hiding when he was excited:

Buzz Lightyear's wings pop open suddenly as he watches Jessie perform an impressive stunt in Toy Story 2

Disney / youtube.com

Movie: Toy Story 2

Explanation (for our kid brains): I guess Buzz Lightyear's wings and the Cat in the Hat's hat have a lot in common!

10. When Chowder got his female anatomy wrong in Monster House:

A character mistakes the word uvula for vulva in Monster House

Sony / youtube.com

Movie: Monster House

Explanation (for our kid brains): I think Chowder gets points for even getting close with this one, because I certainly didn't know the word "vulva" when I was his age, which would've been around the time I was watching Monster House and pretending to understand this joke.

11. When the French Tickler from SpongeBob SquarePants was definitely a reference to a sex toy:

A fish dressed as a stereotypical French person holds devices for tickling in Spongebob Squarepants

Nickelodeon / youtube.com

Show: SpongeBob SquarePants

Explanation (for our kid brains): We all know you want to Google it, so I'll just tell you: It's a special type of condom with ribbed protrusions.

12. When Susan wanted to sleep over at Josh's in Big, but they aren't on the same page about what "being on top" means:

Susan tells Josh she wants to stay the night and Josh says okay but that he wants the top bunk

Fox / youtube.com

Movie: Big

Explanation (for our kid brains): If you haven't seen the movie, Tom Hanks's character Josh (a boy living in a man's body) has bunk beds. So wholesome... except for the fact that Susan was technically hitting on a 12-year-old.

13. When Toy Story turned a toy into a "hooker":

A fishing poll with a hook and sexy legs is a visual pun for a hooker

Disney / youtube.com

Movie: Toy Story

Explanation (for our kid brains): The term may be outdated, but in 1995 it's what slipped its way in. And, also, this has already been pointed out elsewhere, but Sid was not the villain in Toy Story. Just look at how creative he was! Sentient toys may call him a monster, but I call him the next great assemblage artist.

14. When the Fairly OddParents snuck this joke in:

Timmy's father in Fairly OddParents says that if he took boys to the movies wearing an outfit similar to a Boy Scouts uniform, he'd be arrested

Nickelodeon / paramountplus.com

Show: Fairly OddParents

Explanation (for our kid brains): I mean, as adults now, I'm sure we all get what our tiny brains couldn't.

15. When Beast Boy wasn't satisfied with the anatomy of his doll in Teen Titans:

Two characters examine dolls of themselves, one checking underneath the shorts to see how accurate the dolls are

Warner Bros / youtube.com

Show: Teen Titans

Explanation (for our kid brains): Peep the character pulling on the toy's pants.

16. In The Simpsons, when Krusty alluded to an old dirty joke about a 12-inch pianist that he can't say around kids.

Krusty the Klown starts to tell a joke about a 12-inch pianist before realizing it's too dirty to tell in The Simpsons

Fox / youtube.com

Show: The Simpsons

Explanation (for our kid brains): All you need to know is that the actual joke involves a Genie wish gone wrong.

17. Whenn Anna made a foot size joke in Frozen:

Anna from Frozen says foot size doesn't matter

Disney / youtube.com

Movie: Frozen

Explanation (for our kid brains): Nothing like a classic foot size joke in a Disney movie.

18. In Dexter's Laboratory when Dexter literally tried to get his assistant to dance for him:

Dexter asks his assistant to dance for him and she demands 50 dollars

Cartoon Network / youtube.com

Show: Dexter's Laboratory

Explanation (for our kid brains): Good for Candi considering how weird Dexter is for even asking. What a show Dexter's Laboratory was.

What are some of your favorite scandalous moments from shows and movies you thought were innocent? Let me know in the comments!

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