16 TV Shows That Were Super Popular But Not All That Good

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Sorry to tell you that your fave kinda sucks.

Every so often a show blows up that has everyone scratching their heads. Sometimes even fans look back and wonder what the hell they ever saw in their old faves. Here are some of the most popular shows that actually aren't very good...

1. Emily in Paris

Emily wears a green and red outfit with a stunned expression on her face


Everyone who obsessively hate-watched this show is part of the problem (myself included). Emily in Paris — and the first season in particular — is objectively terrible on almost every level. But especially the titular components of Emily and (the depiction of) Paris.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon lies on his bed in pyjamas looking at a laptop


Two-dimensional characters peddling regressive jokes with a canned laugh track is a specific genre of sitcom that will appear repeatedly on this list. This is perhaps the biggest offender.

3. Friends

Chandler wears a pink bunny costume


Here's the thing: Friends hasn't aged well, it's true, but also — was it really funny at the time? Really?! Feels like no.

4. Riverdale

Archie wears a grey t-shirt and stands in front of a group of boys

Dean Buscher

The first three episodes were excellent teen TV and it was SWIFTLY downhill from there. No one is enjoying this show at this point, including the people making it. 

5. Two Broke Girls

Max and Caroline stand side by side in uniform


Who was watching this show for six seasons?! Honestly a waste of Kat Dennings. 

6. Two and a Half Men

Alan wears pyjamas and eats cookies out of a packet at the kitchen table


The Charlie Sheen of it all was bad enough. And then there was the rest of it.

7. Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Derek kiss


It was fun at first, if utterly ridiculous. Now it's just ridiculous. It needs to be laid to rest, like so many of its characters before it.

8. How I Met Your Mother

Ted holds a beer and sits at a table in a bar


Ted Mosby is possibly one of the most irritating main characters in history (and there are plenty of others on this list alone). How I Met Your Mother had its moments, but the ultimate pay-off made it all feel pretty frustrating and pointless.

9. 13 Reasons Why

Clay speaks at his graduation ceremony


Nothing but teen trauma porn. Pass.

10. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Clary and Jace look at each other while standing in front of a van

John Medland/Netflix

Cassandra Clare's hugely popular The Mortal Instruments series has spawned multiple pretty terrible adaptations. And while the show was better than the movie...kind of...it still wasn't very good. 

11. Insatiable

Bob puts a pearl necklace on Patty

Annette Brown/Netflix

Offensive and not funny. It can't even use being made in the '90s/'00s as an excuse.

12. Seinfeld

Kramer and Jerry sit on a stage next to each other


If you enjoy watching unlikeable characters talk nonsense and yell at each other...sure. 

13. Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray stands in the living room with a tie on


The useless husband/exasperated wife is an unfortunate staple in sitcoms, and Everybody Loves Raymond is perhaps the worst of a very bad lot.

14. House

House frowns while looking at a patient


The novelty very quickly wore off this formulaic medical drama, despite Hugh Laurie's charisma. 

15. Pretty Little Liars

The four leads in Pretty Little Liars stand in a row wearing black and looking worried


It was an addictive hot mess that was not remotely worth the many hours of fans' lives it wasted (speaking from personal experience, ahem).

16. Family Guy

Stewie dances while looking evil


Sorry but, like, Family Guy is an immediate red flag.

Which popular shows do you think are actually terrible?

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