13 Times Virat Kohli Was Our Most Favourite Person Ever

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1. When he dropped this powerful line that we all need to be reminded of from time to time:

Virat Kohli speaking

Graham Bensinger / Via youtube.com

In an interview with Graham Bensinger, Virat discusses how he "levelled up" after getting back from the Australia tour of 2012. He talked about how his desire to be amongst the best cricketers in the world made him change several aspects of his lifestyle, that he now believes have yielded the results he wanted. 

2. When he put up the sweetest message for Anushka Sharma's birthday and cemented his position as husband of the year:

3. When he drew what freedom looks like to him, and it was so wholesome:

Virat Kohli holding up his drawing

Royal Challengers Bangalore / Via youtube.com

Tbh, I feel a lot better about my artistic skills right now. 

4. When we learnt that Virat and Chole Bhature are still a better love story than Twilight:

5. And you know it's true because of this HILARIOUS update from Anushka's Instagram stories:

6. When he proved that he was a true Punjabi music fan by completing every lyric:

7. When he sounded like the most ideal travel partner and well, husband:

A split screen of Virat Kohli speaking and a picture of him and Anushka Sharma

India Today / Via youtube.com

I'm manifesting someone who thinks going to a bouncy castle is the best vacation.

8. When he trolled his teammate Hardik Pandya on his taste in music:

Virat Kohli speaking

Oaktree Sports / Via youtube.com

That's me in the 5th grade attempting to sing "Tik Tok" by Kesha. 

9. When, upon being asked about his team's obsession with winning big tournaments, this is what he had to say:

India Today / Via youtube.com

In an interview, Virat was asked if the team thinks of winning World Cups as a yardstick of success. In response, he said that while they still are incredibly motivated to win big tournaments, they collectively enjoy the process of playing well, which further improves their game and the overall quality of Indian cricket.

10. When he was completely candid about the deeply upsetting details of his father's demise:

Graham Bensinger / Via youtube.com

This broke my heart.

11. When he was extremely humble about his bowling abilities:

Virat Kohli squinting his eyes

Oaktree Sports / Via youtube.com

Mera bhi, Virat, mera bhi. 

12. When he subtly schooled a man who tried to teach him how to play:

AIB / Via youtube.com

I mean...that's a fair ask from Kohli, in my opinion.

13. And last, but definitely not the least, when he won us Indians the most important match of the T20 World Cup, 2022, in style:

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